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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which often happens when a baby sleeps, may be another fear you have. There is something about sleeping that raises the worries of parents like you. Maybe it is the darkness of the night, or it could be that you cannot keep an eye on your little one as you doze off. Or, it is just the anxiety of being a new parent.

Whatever your reason, ensuring their baby’s safety as they sleep is every parent’s responsibility. Here are some baby sleeping tips to help you, from utilizing the best pillow for plagiocephaly to deciding whether to co-sleep! So, keep reading!

Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, happens when the baby’s head is uneven. Commonly, the head is flat on the back or on one side. This is caused by the baby’s head staying in the same position for long durations. Although the condition is not major and cannot debilitate a baby’s developmental milestones, parents can be bothered for cosmetic reasons.

The good thing is that the situation can be prevented and addressed quickly through an infant pillow for a flat head. These pillows are designed to have either a hole or a hollow middle part to follow the head’s natural shape, even when babies lie down.

Parents can also prevent and address plagiocephaly by adjusting the baby’s head position as they lay. Frequent tummy time for babies capable of it is also encouraged.

Avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The causes of SIDS still aren’t known. However, some practices may contribute to why babies suffer from it, like their age, sleeping position, body temperature, and the mother’s age during pregnancy.

While some possible causes are difficult to control, there are some you can put a stop to. For instance, make sure your baby’s crib is free from pillows, sheets, mattresses, and even stuffed toys that can block a baby’s face and cause them not to have enough oxygen. 

If you are addressing plagiocephaly, be careful with a baby pillow for flat heads. Ensure babies won’t get a hold of it and cover their faces. Keep the crib free from wires and cords that can tangle with your baby and stop them from breathing correctly.

infant pillow for flat head

Plan Clothing Layers Carefully

Babies struggle to regulate their body temperature early, so parents like you help them by giving them proper clothing. On top of your desire to dress them up in adorable outfits is the goal to keep them warm or cool as needed.

On regular days during their newborn months, it’s common to let them wear a bonnet, mittens, and socks with their regular baby clothes. You should give them warm jackets and even overalls during the winter season.

You know that light and breathable clothes are best on summer days. Give them suitable clothing and be observant of their body temperature. Do this during bedtime to ensure they won’t get cold or overheat. You can also complement their clothing by keeping the right room temperature in your home. 

Contemplate on Whether You’ll Co-Sleep or Not

Co-sleeping has a lot of benefits, like being able to keep an eye on your baby even when they are asleep. You will also be able to breastfeed right away as your baby is right beside you. Nevertheless, co-sleeping poses many dangers, like babies getting covered by adult pillows and blankets. 

If you want to see your baby and keep them within reach, you can share your room, but do not sleep in the same bed. Move the baby crib into your room or invest in a crib that can be attached to your bed.

However, sleeping in different rooms teaches your baby to sleep independently without relying on you. It also helps sleep regulation as they age, so babies have their own space or room. You can also set the nursery room in an ideal state with no noise, the proper temperature, and relaxing lighting. These changes are difficult to make when the baby shares a room with adults. 

Ashtonbee’s Infant Head Shaping Pillows and Other Bedtime Supplies

Bedtime may not seem special right now, but when your little one arrives, this time becomes a lot of work. We hope the tips we shared above on making sleeping time more comfortable and safe for your baby helps.

And if you need sleeping supplies like a plagiocephaly pillow, bed rails, or night lights, Ashtonbee is the place to visit! We have all these and more. Feel free to browse through our products and get what you need! Keep your little one safe, and let the both of you have a good night’s sleep.

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