Every parent wants comfort for their kids. Whether it’s playtime, the clothes they wear, and especially during their sleep. In preparation for your newborn’s arrival, one of the most exciting parts is building the baby’s crib and getting blankets, baby pillows, and stuffed animals. 

But before you run and buy all these things, ensure they are safe for your kids to use.

In this article, we’ll talk about when babies can have pillows safely and give you important and helpful guidelines about pillow safety from early infancy to toddler years. So parents, remember to take notes!

Early Infancy Stage

Pillows are a more typical sight in adults and older children. Many parents may think that letting their infant child sleep on the baby pillow will add comfort during their sleep. But in reality, it puts them at risk. 

Let’s discuss more about the risks of pillows to newborns and some safety guidelines for their bedtime.

The Risk of Using Pillows for Newborns

A safe sleeping environment should be every parent’s priority. When it comes to infants, parents should skip pillows and let their kids sleep on firm mattresses and be free from anything that can cause hazards. 

Here are some risk factors associated with pillows and newborns.

  • Suffocation: Infants are at high risk of suffocation when using pillows, especially those that are soft and fluffy. When pillows accidentally cover your babies, they can obstruct their airways, which will cause difficulty in breathing and, in worse cases, suffocation risk.
  • Overheating: Surrounding your kids pillows can cause overheating, especially if the pillow materials do not promote good air circulation. Overheating is one factor that leads to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Improper Spinal Alignment: A newborn’s bone structure is developing and fragile. Using a pillow can cause poor spine alignment, leading to deformation and discomfort. A flat and firm mattress is better to help align a baby’s head, neck, and spine.
  • Allergic Reactions: Pillow materials can trigger allergic reactions in kids. The most common materials that can cause allergies are feathers and cotton.
  • Flat Head Syndrome: Like the rest of their bones, your baby’s head is developing. Long-term use of pillows can cause positional plagiocephaly or a flat head.

Safety Guidelines for Infants With No Pillow Use

Now that you know that little kids should sleep without a pillow, here are some helpful practices you can follow to keep your baby safe while they take their much-needed sleep.

  • It’s best to place your kids on their backs when they sleep. Infants should sleep in this position since it is the safest and lowers their risk of SIDS.
  • A firm and flat surface is the best place for kids to sleep. Ensure their crib is free from toys, loose bedding, or hazardous objects.
  • Use the proper sleepwear for your kids to keep them cool and comfortable as they sleep. It will prevent overheating and help them sleep longer and better.
  • When your children practice room sharing, the risk of SIDS is significantly decreased.

baby sleeping with a pacifier and stuffed toy in a crib with a green sheet

Later Infancy Stage

The later infancy stage is between 7 to 12 months. At this stage, some kids will show signs that they are ready to use pillows while they sleep. Let’s learn more about the observable signs to help you determine if your kids are ready to use a pillow.

Signs Your Kids Are Ready To Use a Baby Pillow

There are pillows specifically designed for kids to ensure safety. With that, here are signs to watch out for that indicate your kids are ready.

  • Observe your kid’s sleeping position. If they can consistently and steadily sleep on their side and stomach, they are ready for pillows to provide extra support and comfort.
  • Restlessness is also a sign of readiness. Having a pillow near their body can make them feel secure and adds comfort to their sleep.
  • Other children will openly ask for a pillow if they want to. Don’t be afraid to let them try it and be under close supervision when they use it.
  • When your kids tilt their heads to one side while they sleep, pillows can provide neck support to maintain proper alignment for their spine.

Toddler Phase

Kids aged two have the green light to use a pillow. Here are some benefits your kids can enjoy when they use a pillow in their sleep.

Benefits of Using Pillows for Toddlers

  • Pillows can provide extra comfort to your kids. It has extra cushioning for your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders for comfort and prevents pain or discomfort while sleeping.
  • Pillows elevate a toddler’s head, promoting improved breathing. They are especially helpful for kids with congestion and respiratory issues.
  • Giving your kids their pillow will help them transition to a toddler bed and leave the enclosed space of their kids permanently.

Create a Safe Sleep Environment for Your Kids

Now that you know when your kids can sleep with a pillow, you can create a safe sleeping space for them. Here are some practices you can follow.

  • When buying a crib or a toddler bed, look for products with standard safety seals. For second-hand items, ensure all parts are complete and intact to prevent accidents.
  • Make sure your kid’s mattress has a fitted sheet. Loose bedding can cover your kids, increasing the risk of suffocation.
  • The ideal room temperature for kids is between 20 to 22.5 degrees. Overheating and overcooling can be dangerous to your kids. Continuously monitor the room temperature for better and safer sleep.
  • Never smoke in your kid’s room, especially around them. Exposure to cigarettes can increase the risk of SIDS.
  • Put your baby’s crib in a safe and secure location. It should be away from windows, blinds, cords, or other items that could cause strangulation.
  • Invest in a baby monitor so you can keep an eye on your kids while they sleep. There are baby monitors that are audio sensitive, so you can hear when your babies cry. You can also consider monitors with a live video feed so you can see your kids in real-time.

baby sleeping on a blue u-shaped baby pillow with a teddy bear in the background

High-Quality Newborn Baby Pillow From Ashtonbee

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  • The concave design of the pillow cradles the baby’s head for proper spine alignment, and with the approval of your baby’s pediatrician, you can use this pillow to prevent flat head syndrome.
  • The pillow is made from 100% organic and breathable cotton. The memory foam is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial features.
  • It’s a travel-friendly pillow and fits in bassinets, car seats, and strollers, so you can easily bring it anywhere.

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