Baby crib accessories essentials

Your child’s bedtime routine is essential for their developmental stages. Adequate sleep is the key to your kid’s growth, strength, and good mood, so give them a good one.

Creating a safe sleep space for your kids is a must. Their comfort and safety are a priority.

Sounds complicated? In this article, we’ll list all the crib accessories to help your baby sleep and give you some tips to choose the best crib for them. 

Remember to take notes!

Crib Mattress and Bedding

Acquiring a crib is just the first step. You need accessories to give your kids a comfortable sleeping space. First things first, a mattress. Kids don’t need a soft and fluffy mattress. It should be firm and not sag against their weight to support their back and spine.

Beddings are also necessary. You want to protect the mattress from the mess your kids will make to prevent it from smelling. There are waterproof beddings you can consider for convenient cleaning. Also, fitted beddings are the safest option for kids. Loose beddings can entangle around your kids, leading to suffocation. When choosing beddings, make sure to get a soft and breathable material for the ultimate comfort.

Baby Swaddles

Most babies like swaddling. It imitates the feeling of a parent’s arms, making them sleep better. If you want to help your little one sleep better, essentials such as baby swaddles or a sleep slack are a must-have.

Furthermore, baby swaddles can reduce the risk of SIDS. It can keep your kids in place but also adapt to their sleep style so you can position them comfortably.

colorful toy mobiles for babies

Toy Mobiles

Toy mobiles are better than stuffed toys to put inside your baby’s crib. When your kids are awake, you need to keep them entertained, and toy mobiles are visually stimulating for your kids. You can also buy ones that produce sounds.

A pro tip for parents is that when placing toy mobiles above your kids, make sure they won’t be able to reach it. Some kids are persistent. If they pull hard enough, the mobile can fall on them. Also, some baby mobiles move in a circular motion—some kids will enjoy it, but it can also make them dizzy. So observe your kids first before using this feature.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor should be on the list when shopping for a newborn. There are baby monitors that use sound cues to let parents know the situation in the nursery. There are several types of baby monitors, and each can be beneficial in keeping an eye on your kids, even as they grow older; when your kids grow into toddlers, they can climb out of their cribs in the middle of the night.

You can also consider monitors with motion sensors and video feeds. These features will notify you of any movement from your kids, and you can see them from an actual screen. 

Baby monitors are also helpful even when your baby’s not asleep. It lets you keep tabs on your kids while doing other chores around the house. Don’t leave your kids unattended for too long, even with the monitor. If you need to do something, have someone look out for them.

Blackout Curtains

A high-quality blackout curtain for your baby’s nursery is a must-have! You don’t have to go cheap on these accessories because you’ll be using them for years. Look for curtains that will really make the room dark. A peek of sunlight early in the morning can wake your kids, and it is hard to get them back to sleep.

One study shows that little kids who sleep in a room with blackout curtains sleep longer and don’t wake early in the mornings. Longer sleep for your kids also means some extra time for you to rest.

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is the holy grail of a good night’s sleep. Parents often want complete silence in the nursery, but total silence is deafening to babies. At first, white noise machines may sound weird, but it has many benefits for your little one.

The machine’s noise imitates the womb and blocks off unnecessary sounds that can disrupt your baby’s sleep. It also has soothing sounds to calm your kids, which can develop your kid’s sleep cycles properly.

Quick Buying Guide for Baby Cribs

We can’t talk about crib accessories without baby cribs. It is easy to find cribs to buy. Cribs don’t come cheap, so you must ensure your purchase is the one worth your money. Here are some considerations to take note of. 

Stationary Sides

Traditional cribs have stationary sides, while more modern cribs have single drop sides that slide down or drop gates that can fold. Sliding sides may sound convenient for parents, but using them often can make them loose. Your kids can also lean on them, accidentally drop the side, and fall out of the crib.

Experts recommend sticking with stationary sides. This way, even if they jump or lean against the side of the crib, it won’t drop to guarantee their safety.

Secondhand Products

It’s okay to buy secondhand products, but always exercise caution when you do. Wooden cribs are heavy-duty and can last for years. When buying secondhand, check if all the parts are still intact. If any piece is missing or broken, it is better to buy a new one to guarantee your baby’s safety. Don’t settle for cheap secondhand cribs if it means it can potentially harm your kids.

Convertible or Portable

Besides a full-sized crib, you can choose between a portable crib and a convertible crib. Portable cribs are great for houses with small spaces. You can fold, disassemble, and store them when not in use, and they are lightweight so that you can move them around your house quickly.

On the other hand, convertible cribs are more expensive, but you can use them longer. These cribs are heavier and better if you have a dedicated nursery for your kids. You can convert these cribs into toddler beds when your baby is old enough to transition from their crib.

full sized wooden crib


Most cribs will require you to assemble them, so before you buy, check their ease of assembly first. Cribs made out of plastic will usually require snap assembly. Portable ones fold, so there’s no hassle to set them up. However, full-sized cribs have bolts and gears that will require special tools to assemble.

Local and department stores may offer assembly services for a price. Consider those services if assembling the crib will be challenging for you.


A wheel is handy for cribs. You can quickly move the crib when you need to clean the space underneath, get your kids toys off the floor, or if you want to move the crib to a different area.

Some cribs come with caster wheels, and you have the option to detach them when not in use. Other cribs don’t have this option, so ensure the wheels have a firm grip and lock function that you can use. Loose wheels can be dangerous when kids start playing and jumping in their cribs.

Look for the Safety Seal

If you want to guarantee the quality and safety of the crib, always look for the safety seal. Several independent and government organizations specifically test baby products for their safety. Safety tests can measure the product’s durability or the safety of the materials used.

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