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Every parent wishes for the day when their little one will be potty trained, and they’ll be free of buying and cleaning diapers. Potty training is a significant milestone in a child’s development, as it shows that they are developing physically, emotionally, and cognitively. However, transitioning from diapers to the potty can be challenging, and introducing your baby to the best potty training seat with a ladder can make things a little easier. 

To know when your baby is ready to start using a potty training seat, we’ll list some signs here. We’ll also examine why a potty seat with a ladder is a great choice. Let’s begin!

6 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready for Potty Training

You’ll face different information about the right time to potty train your baby. Some say it is best done between 18 to 24 months, while others will suggest that it is okay to start early. These details aren’t entirely wrong, but every child has a different timeline. 

Some babies are ready to potty train early, while it might be delayed for some. As a parent, your role is to be more observant. Here are the signs that your baby is ready for potty training, regardless of age.

  • Pulls Off Diapers

There are many reasons why babies pull off their diapers. Some do it because the diaper is already wet and full, and they need changing. Others want to be free from wearing it.

As a parent, observe whether your child pulls their diaper off when it’s full. In this case, you can try changing their diapers more often before they get soiled. 

However, if you notice that your child wants to quit wearing diapers, then it’s a sign that you can begin potty training.

  • Having a Dry Diaper for More Than Two Hours

On the other hand, your baby may not dislike wearing a diaper, but it can stay dry for more than two hours. Long hours of dry diapers can mean that your baby already controls their urge to pee or poop. 

So say goodbye to diapers and changing pads, and take this opportunity to introduce the potty. Note that although they show signs of not wanting to use their diapers, increasing your patience and getting them used to the potty is still a must.

  • Wakes Up With a Dry Diaper After Sleeping

Parents put diapers on their babies before bed or nap time. When you notice that their nappies remain dry when they wake, it’s a sign that they may be ready for the potty. It’s best to train your baby for the potty during the daytime for them to get used to it. 

When they are already comfortable, let them know they’ll be using the potty, too, even during bedtime. Assure your baby that if they need to use the loo, they can wake you up so you can accompany them.

  • Hiding To Go Potty

Are there times when you look for your little one only to see them hiding behind doors or cabinets because they are peeing or pooping? Hiding to go potty is also a sign that they are ready for a potty seat.

A potty seat with an adjustable ladder that attaches straight to the toilet seat can give your baby the privacy they are looking for. Let them understand this and encourage them to potty train.

best potty training seat with a ladder

  • Interested in Using the Potty Seat

Meanwhile, you can also take the initiative of introducing a potty. Check what your baby’s reaction will be. Do not underestimate your baby’s comprehension; explain how the potty works. With advanced technology, there are plenty of ways to do this, like showing videos, reading the instructions on the brochure, and even demonstrating how it’s done. When your baby welcomes the activity and is receptive to the potty, make the most of the opportunity!

  • Tells You When They Need to Go to the Potty

Before introducing a potty, you can train your baby to tell you when they need to pee or poo, even when they are in their nappies. Some toddlers naturally develop this skill, which is even better. Once they’ve developed the habit, it is easier for you to potty train them. 

Reasons To Choose a Potty Training Seat With a Ladder

Now you know when your baby is ready for potty training. Once you’ve determined that they’re ready, invest in the best toddler potty training seat with a ladder. Here are the reasons this type of potty is worth the investment! 

It’s Safer

For safety, install the contoured seat and the ladder with anti-slip design on the full-sized toilet bowl. Even if your baby goes to the loo without your supervision, you know that they won’t fall or slip.

This is preferable, compared to using a seat with a step stool where your baby might slip. Pick ladders with an adjustable step, so you can customize it for your baby’s height. Your baby can also hold on to the seat or ladder handles as they use the potty for additional safety.

Attractive Design

The potty seat with a ladder is also visually pleasing. Manufacturers are wise enough to add different colors for the stairs, toilet training seats, and handles. There are even versions featuring cute animal shapes and prints. 

As a result, the final seat features look attractive for toddlers. They’ll be more encouraged to use the toilet independently because the seat looks kid-friendly and fun.

Easily Cleaned

Potty chairs take more time and effort to clean as the liquid and dirt don’t go straight to the actual toilet bowl, where they can be flushed.

In contrast, the potty training seat with a ladder prevents messes and makes it easy for caregivers like you to clean your baby up after they use the toilet. Simply flush and clean your baby’s bottom, and you are all done. When your baby learns to clean themselves, your work lessens even more.

Encourages Discipline

Potty training generally develops discipline in children. This virtue can mature better when the potty seat is on the toilet as your baby can practice control. They’ll need to hold on to their urges until they reach the bathroom.

potty seat with a ladder

Develops Independence

On top of discipline, toilet training with a ladder also helps develop independence. When the training seat is on the toilet bowl, your baby can minimize asking for your help. Because of its design, your baby can easily climb to sit on the toilet. 

Because there are anti-slip stairs, you do not need to carry your baby for them to reach the toilet bowl. The ladder is firmly attached to the toilet bowl, so it’s safer unlike a seat with step stool. The potty seat also allows your baby to feel secure and comfortably sit in the toilet bowl; they do not need to hold on to you. 

No Need To Transition

When toilet training using a potty chair, you can train your little one to transition from diapers to the potty. However, you still need another level of training: training them to use a regular toilet.

Save time and jump straight from diapers to the toilet bowl when you use the potty training seat with an anti-slip ladder. It attaches directly to a regular toilet seat, so your baby can get used to bathroom potty time. The only transition you need to make is removing the potty seat with a ladder when they’ve outgrown it.

Saves Cost and Is Environmentally-Friendly

You’ll save the environment and money when your baby stops using diapers. But if you want to go the extra mile, using a potty seat with a ladder is better as you can save more water during cleaning. 

A little potty can be quickly outgrown by your baby, too, so you’ll need to find a bigger size to replace it. Meanwhile, the potty seat with a ladder has a seat with a universal fit—a size that younger babies can use until they become toddlers.

Saves Time and Energy for You

Choosing a potty seat with a ladder benefits you, too. You can save time and energy from cleaning the potty as the dirt goes straight to the toilet. Potty training with this type of chair is also faster, as your kids will be accustomed to using a regular toilet

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These are the six signs your baby is ready for potty training. And if ever you are looking for a tool to assist you, your best bet would be a seat with a potty training ladder. They can be easily attached to toilet seats, and toddlers and babies can safely and easily climb them with their anti-slip ladders.

Ashtonbee can assist you in the aim to give only the best for your little one. We have thoughtful, safe, and functional baby products at our shop. Discover our selection of baby products, including toilet seats and more. Get the baby products you need now!

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