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What do you think of swaying your little one to sleep with a baby hammock for a crib? It seems nice, looks comfortable, and saves you from getting tired arms. But think again.

There have been endless debates about using hammocks for babies. Some people swear by it, saying it makes parenting life easier. Others say there’s no evidence to support such claims and that using hammocks can be dangerous.

Now, as part of the new parent club, you wonder which side you should take. Is it safe, or is it not? Let’s find out by thoroughly discussing the good and bad sides of baby hammocks.

To Sway or Not to Sway: A Debate on Using Hammocks for Your Baby’s Crib

There are pros and cons to every sleep environment option for babies. It can be hard to determine which is best for your baby, but it’s important to weigh all facts before deciding.

Here’s a list of a baby hammock’s good and bad sides to help you make a wise parenting decision!

The Affirmative: It’s Okay to Use a Newborn Baby Hammock for Cribs

Let’s start with the reasons why people think hammocks can be beneficial for babies.

  1. Hammocks resemble a womb’s secure and comfortable structure.
  2. Popular brands claim that hammocks help babies deal with sleep issues such as colic and reflux.
  3. The gentle motion of the hammock helps your baby have a good sleep.
  4. Hammocks allow you to put the baby down for hours and allow them to sleep comfortably while you do other things.
  5. Hammocks prevent your baby’s arms or legs from getting trapped between the railings, which causes suffocation.
  6. Thousands of customers are buying baby hammocks, and many families consider them a household tradition.

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The Negative: Baby Hammocks Are Not Worth the Risk

Naturally, with positive comes negative points, and baby hammocks are no exception. Here’s what experts can say about this hammock debate.

  1. Scientifically, hammocks are still largely untested. There’s little research on these products, so experts are hesitant to recommend them.
  2. The CPSC still hasn’t approved them for infant sleep safety.
  3. There have been notable incidents of infant deaths in the past, which were caused by improper installation of hammocks.
  4. Most experts don’t favor soft sleeping surfaces like hammocks because they increase the risk of SIDS.
  5. The AAP recommends flat and firm sleeping surfaces for babies. This is completely different from the structure of a newborn hammock for cribs.
  6. Hammocks put the baby in an unsafe position (chin to chest) which may lead to suffocation.
  7. When your baby’s at a rolling age, they can roll out their way from the hammock and fall without warning. This can lead to serious, fatal injuries.

Know Where You Stand: Back to the Basics With Safe Sleeping Rules for Your Baby

We hope the points above helped you better understand the pros and cons of baby hammocks. Now, it’s time to make your choice.

Still on the fence about this matter? Don’t worry. The best thing you can do is go back to the basics: what are the rules to keep your baby safe and sound while sleeping?

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The Safe Sleeping ABCs

To make it easier for new parents, the AAP established safe sleeping rules for babies using the first three letters of the alphabet. Following these will help your baby sleep safely and comfortably—there’s nothing more a parent could ask for.

A is for Alone

The first rule is to let your little one sleep in a separate space, whether it’s a crib or a bassinet. Doing so will reduce half the risk of SIDS. As much as possible, avoid co-sleeping as it can increase the chances of accidents.

B is for Back

AAP recommends putting your babies to sleep on their backs at all times. It’s the safest position for them and is known to decrease the risks of SIDS and other sleep-related accidents. The baby’s less likely to suffocate when they’re in this sleeping position.

C is for Crib

The AAP’s last rule for safe sleeping is to let babies sleep in a crib with a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. It’s a safe place for them whether they’re asleep or not, and when you’re not around to supervise them.

Note: Do not put stuff like stuffed and solid toys, loose blankets, or non-prescribed baby pillows in the crib. These can increase the risk of suffocation.

Weighing the Factors Through Questions

Another way to know where you stand in the great hammock debate is to ask yourself these questions and determine which one meets your needs more.

  • Do you feel safe putting your baby on a properly installed and supervised hammock?
  • Do you prefer sticking to crib rules or experimenting with alternative sleeping solutions?
  • Have you seen an acquaintance or close friend use a hammock for their child? How was the experience for them?
  • Would you avoid using hammocks and wait until more solid studies about them come up?
  • Observe your baby’s responses closely. What kind of environment do they find most comfortable? Which one helps them get to sleep fast and soundly?

Supervision is Key

Lastly, know that supervision is key to proper parenthood. Ensure that you or someone reliable can keep an eye on your baby at all times to minimize the risk of accidents.

The Verdict: Don’t Use Hammocks Without Expert Advice

So, are baby hammocks safe for newborns? Some families claim they benefit from them, and there’s even a popular brand they trust. Meanwhile, there’s very little research supporting the use of hammocks. Some experts recommend proper installation and supervision if you decide to use one.

These divided opinions make it difficult for new parents to decide. For this reason, it’s always better to consult a pediatrician before attempting to use anything on your baby.

Ashtonbee’s Protective Solutions For Your Sleeping Little One

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