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It’s a big milestone when your kids are nearing the end of their diaper phase. Not only will it save you from having to buy diapers, but it’s also a good sign that they’re developing their independence. Toilet training is essential because it teaches your kids to feel the sensation of elimination and how their body feels when they need to go.

It’s important to note that while you potty train your kids, there will be messy accidents. So always be patient and understanding with them. Some children can get accustomed and learn as early as three days in. Others will take a while longer. To help you, we have listed effective ways to potty train your little one.

Is My Kid Ready for Toilet Training?

The success of potty training depends on whether your kids are physically and emotionally ready for it. Some children can be ready as early as 18 months, but other kids are as old as three to four years before they are ready to start potty training.

There are also evident signs of readiness you can observe to see if your kids can handle the training. Signs like recognizing their own potty needs, knowing what the bathroom is for, or getting out of your sight when they are eliminating in their diapers are good indications that they are ready.

Ask yourself these questions before you proceed.

  1. Does your kid know where the bathroom is and how to sit on the toilet?
  2. Can they clearly communicate if they need to go to the bathroom?
  3. Can your kids follow basic instructions?

When you can positively answer these questions, then there is no doubt that your kids are ready to leave their diapers behind. Planning a potty training routine will help your kids get accustomed to the action faster. With a proper routine in place, your kids can start using the toilet in as early as three days.

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6 Proven Potty Training Tips for Parents

Remember, in potty training, parents should be ready too. If you lose patience with your kids, they will see the activity as something stressful and scary, making potty training more difficult. Here are effective tips to get your child to use the toilet.

Prepare your kids mentally

Talk to your toddler about using the toilet. There may be other factors that keep them from using the toilet. They might be afraid. There might have been experiences that traumatized them that keeps them from using the toilet.

Other kids may directly show their disgust with the process of elimination. As parents, it’s your duty to tell your kids that it’s a natural process. Everyone does it. Stress on the fact that it’s something all people do, and it’s okay to feel the way they feel about their own waste.

Give them positive responses

To your toddler, you are a superhero. Everything you say matters to them. Expressing your feelings towards their potty training can yield positive results. Praise your kids when they successfully use the bathroom and potty properly. Give them rewards. If they make a mess, show disappointment but not to the point that they will get scared.

Be creative with the bathroom environment

Make the bathroom as inviting as possible. Put some kid-friendly elements so your toddler can feel that they are in a safe space. For example, you can decorate the bathroom with little rubber ducks. Install a colored toilet seat and even add coloring to the water. Make it look like going to the bathroom is a fun activity. This will encourage your kids to go through with their potty training.

Schedule their potty breaks

Little kids don’t have control of their bathroom urges, unlike adults. You can let your kids sit in the toilet when they wake up, after their meal time, and before bed. This action will signal their body that it’s the right time to do their business. Sit with your kids in the toilet even when they don’t eliminate waste. Tell them to keep trying because they did their best, and that it can be done later.

Show and tell

Your kids will learn better when they see a proper demonstration. Act out the entire potty training process, so they know what they need to do. For example, grab their favorite doll or teddy bear and demonstrate how they use the toilet.

Moreover, some toys are specifically designed for the pooping process. Get one of these toys and make the experience fun and relatable for your kids.

Know that gender can affect potty training

Studies show that girls are faster at being potty trained than boys. This is because girls can do both their businesses while sitting. Next, you need to teach your daughters how to wipe themselves clean. The motion should be from front to back to prevent urinary tract infections.

For boys, aiming when they are peeing is your primary concern. Don’t get too frustrated when they don’t hit the mark. But doctors recommend that you allow your boys to sit during the first months of potty training. Then, when they have mastered eliminating with no problem, you can teach them to stand while they pee.

potty seat with ladder 

How to Choose the Best Potty Training Seat

You can’t expect your kids to use a regular toilet seat when they start potty training. Potty training seats are a must-have for a growing toddler. There are different toilet training seat options you can choose from. But which is the best potty training seat for your kids?

Here are some considerations when purchasing a toddler potty seat.

Potty training seat with a ladder or not?

Potty training seats are designed so your kids can sit on an adult-sized toilet properly without falling through. It’s your decision to get a training seat with a step ladder or not. A full-size toilet is normally taller than your kids. A step ladder will help them reach the toiler on their own.

A removable seat with no ladder will require you to carry them until they’re tall enough to reach the toilet seat on their own. If ladders cannot be used, a step stool can be an alternative to boost your kid up.

Portable potty seat

If you don’t like your kids sitting on an actual toilet, you can use a portable potty seat as an alternative. Think of a potty seat as a kid-sized toilet. Instead of using a regular toilet, they’ll have their own toilet to do their business. They can sit on it easily without needing a step stool ladder.

Of course, potty seats are much safer, but you need to clean them out every time your toddler uses them to do their business.

Consider cleaning times

If this is not your first baby, you are probably immune to changing diapers and tolerating the smell whenever they need to go. However, if you are easily grossed out, a separate potty chair is not for you. Although potty training can be messy, you must keep your emotions in check every time your kid makes a mess.

When you have a son, it can also be messy when they pee. So get a toilet seat with a built-in splash guard to prevent splashbacks. Less mess means less stress for parents, but remember never to make a fuss and show your kids these things are natural.


For small bathrooms, the best potty training seat with ladders are the ones that fold. It will be easier for you to store them in tight spaces. It can also double as a travel potty seat you can bring when traveling with your kids. Most toilets in public are not kid-friendly, so it’s handy to have a travel potty seat.

Consider your child’s wants and needs

You can involve your toddler when purchasing their potty training seats. For little kids, the design matters. Give them the freedom to choose the color and the design they want. It will make them feel that the potty seat is there for them, and they will be more inclined to use them.


Potty training is a crucial component of your toddler’s development. This is their first step to doing things independently. Because of this, you are an important factor to the success of your child’s potty training. These pointers are intended to guide you as you work through potty training your children.

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