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One thing is for sure, when you go shopping for your baby’s necessities, a high chair should be on the list. Looking for a baby chair is easy. All kinds of designs and builds with different purposes are available in the marketplace. Which is best for the needs of your infant is the question you must address.

In this article, we’ll settle the debate between high chairs and booster seats. We’ll list down some of the most popular types of each category and run down their pros and cons to help you choose which one to splurge on.

Different Types of High Chairs

High chairs will come into the picture when you want to start your baby’s transition to solid food. They can also be used for other things, like resting and playing. There are various types of high chairs to choose from. Here are the most popular ones you can get for your child.

Standard High Chairs

Also known as the classic or traditional, standard high chairs are the most common choice for parents. Its most prominent feature is four long legs allowing your kids to be on the same level as the dining table. It’s usually assembled with tools and is less portable compared to other types.

These high chairs are frequently constructed of wood, which makes them strong and long-lasting. This is the best choice if you need a basic high chair for eating and other normal activities.

Foldable High Chairs

If you need something that can save space or fit in a tight space, folding high chairs are best. You can fold them small to fit in storage when not in use. Some of these chairs are also travel-friendly.

These are also significantly cheaper compared to other models. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and space-saving high chair, this is perfect.

Convertible High Chairs

Investing in a convertible high chair is a good decision if you’re looking for a multi-purpose chair. These chairs are more advanced than your typical high chair. You can disassemble this chair, transform it into different units for different purposes, and adapt it to your kids as they age.

For example, when your kids are ready to eat with grown-ups at the dinner table, you can remove the tray so they can share the experience with you. You can utilize the chair for both of your children if you have more than one. You can use the base for older siblings and the removable booster for younger kids. Convertible high chairs are basically high chairs with booster seats in one

Pros of a High Chair

Getting a high chair is an investment. You don’t want expensive baby gear sitting around the house unused. If you still need to decide whether to get a high chair, here are some pros and cons that come with it.

  • Many parents struggle with mealtime. Kids are naturally playful, and it will take time for them to eat. The high chair will help you keep them in place to eat properly.
  • High chairs are great tools to help your kids eat independently. Giving them their own seat while eating on their removable tray can give them confidence to learn essential skills for eating solid food.
  • High chairs bring safety and comfort while kids eat. Its sturdy legs can hold significant weight and will keep the chair stable even when your kids throw tantrums. Make sure to support your kids going in and out of the chair for maximum safety.
  • Handling your kids is easier with a high chair. You can give activities they can do on a high chair and watch them as you do other chores. However, make sure to always keep them in your sight.

Cons of a High Chair

  • Newer versions of high chairs are expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider secondhand items or look for an alternative.
  • The typical high chair takes up a lot of room and may need specialized tools to disassemble. You might not be the best candidate for this if you reside in a small apartment.
  • Some high chairs have standard heights, so you can’t adjust them according to your children’s needs. 

little girl on booster seat

Different Types of Booster Seats

If you don’t fancy high chairs, booster seats can be the better option for your kids. You can stack booster seats on a regular chair to give additional height for a comfortable eating level. Here are some types of booster seats you can consider.

Wooden Booster Seats

This booster seat is durable and cost-effective. The wood finish gives a classic look so it will go well with your house aesthetics. These seats have safety straps to attach to dining chairs to ensure they won’t fall off. They also have a high backrest and side support to encourage your kids to sit correctly.

Plastic Booster Seats

The primary benefit of the plastic booster seat is its one-piece molded construction, which makes cleaning and sanitizing a breeze. Some of these plastic seats have dual seating options. You need to turn them around if you want a higher chair for your kids.

There are also booster seats with anti-microbial features. These prevent mold development and foul odors, making cleaning and maintenance easier. 

Pros of a Booster Seat

If you’re considering booster seats for your kids, here are some pros and cons to help you decide if these are the appropriate choice.

  • Booster seats don’t need assembly. You can simply stack them on adult chairs, secure their safety harnesses, and they will be ready for use.
  • Booster seats are simple to put away. They are ideal for small spaces. While not in use, you can store them to prevent clutter inside the home.
  • Booster seats are portable and travel-friendly. You can quickly bring them to restaurants and other places. These also allow your kids to move more freely to encourage self-eating.

Cons of a Booster Seat

  • Booster seats are more appropriate for older babies. Since booster seats have less back support, if you’re wondering when to transition from high chairs to booster seats, 18-months old is often the best time.
  • Booster seats are not adjustable. If your kids are still small, even stacking them on adult chairs won’t give them enough height to reach the table.
  • Booster seats have no five-point harness. At most, they have waist buckles to keep your kids in place.

Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers

Whether you’re getting a booster seat or a high chair, you need one worth your money. When it comes to premium baby gear, Ashtonbee has you covered. Our collection boasts a wooden high chair to keep your kids safe to enjoy their meals. Here are some of its key features.

  • The chair has a classic and simple design that will perfectly fit your home’s aesthetic.
  • The high chair has safety straps to keep your kids in place and prevent them from climbing out of the chair.
  • The chair seat is made from food-grade polypropylene material which is non-toxic, robust, and has excellent fatigue resistance.
  • The baby high chair has seven adjustable footrest levels and a removable tray.
  • The chair’s legs are made from beech wood, which is shock-absorbing, durable, and can hold significant weight.

Most high chairs will set you back a few hundred to thousands of dollars. You can get Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for only $159.99—truly the best bang for your buck.

classic high chair

Bottom Line

So have you decided which one is best for your kids? High chairs can grow with your kids, and you can use them longer, even for a second baby. On the other hand, booster seats are easier to use. These require no assembly, and they are smaller for easy storage.

You can always start with a high chair in the early years, and when they grow older, you can make the switch to booster seats. Both will surely help your kids enjoy family meals. 

If you are looking for more parenting tips like when to switch from high chairs to booster seats, don’t forget to check out more of our blogs. We also have a wide collection of high-quality baby needs, so browse our collection and shop with us today!

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