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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete list of everything you need to do as a parent to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable?. However, parenting is more complicated than that. Each baby is unique, as is every parent, and each has a special nurturing style.

However, when it comes to supplies your baby will need, a checklist can come in handy. When you have all the supplies your baby needs, you’ll be more confident in doing your tasks as a parent. 

With that, here is a checklist of everything you need for your little one. Let’s dive in!

A Lovely Nursery Room

The nursery room is a place dedicated to your little one. Once they arrive, this room will be their haven. Whatever is inside can define their everyday comfort and safety, so make sure to add these details when decorating your baby’s nursery room.

  • Clothes for Different Weather

To begin with, make sure you are ready with newborn clothing once your baby arrives. Stock up on onesies, shirts, pajamas, socks, booties, mittens, newborn hats, and swaddling blankets. Make sure that these clothes are fit for the weather when your little one uses them.

  • Crib and Beddings

Get your little one’s comfortable and safe bed ready too. Newborns can succumb to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so make sure their beddings are properly fitted, and there are no accessories that will increase the risk of suffocation. When your baby outgrows the crib, be ready with a bed rail to keep them safe.

  • Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Wipes, and More

Keep your baby’s diapers near—it is one of the essential baby supplies after all. Be ready with diaper changing supplies, like a changing pad, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, and cotton.

Safe All-Day, Play-Day in the Living Room

You and your baby will spend a lot of time making memories in the living room. Make this place as safe as possible, especially when your baby begins to explore, by babyproofing this area with the following supplies.

  • Corner Guards

Block all pointed corners of every piece of furniture in your living room, from the tables to the cabinets. This way, if your baby bumps into them, they won’t be seriously hurt.

  • Outlet Blockers

A baby’s curiosity is endless. They’ll peek into every crevice and explore them with their hands. Ensure the outlets won’t be a part of these explorations by covering them with blockers.

  • Sliding Door Lock

If it isn’t time to play outdoors yet, keep your baby safe indoors by keeping the door locked. A sliding door lock is designed so your little ones can’t open it. You can also attach it higher, so your baby cannot reach it.

  • Anti-Tip Straps

Your little one climbing on different furniture is an unsafe adventure. Ensure these fixtures won’t fall on them by keeping them attached to the walls through anti-tip straps.

  • Drawer Locks

Babyproof the drawers too through drawer locks. They will keep your baby from opening drawers with things inside that aren’t safe for them.

Enjoy Mealtimes in the Dining Room and Kitchen

Every stage of a baby’s mealtime is exciting. In their newborn stage, they rely on you for milk. When they begin taking in solids, you need to give them a variety of food to ensure they get the nutrition they need. Make feeding time blissful by having these mealtime must-haves.

  • Breast Pump

Keep a breast pump handy in case you experience excess breast milk supply. You can also use the breast pump to store the milk or your baby if you need to run some errands or return to work.

  • Baby Bottles

Meanwhile, if your baby is bottle feeding, have more than enough bottles. This is to ensure you can use a clean one every feeding time.

  • Baby Utensils

Use utensils meant for babies instead of letting your little one use a regular adult plate and utensils. Your baby can eat better when they can hold their spoon and fork properly and when their plates and bowls have suction cups that keep them in place.

  • High Chair

A high chair ensures a safe space for your baby during mealtime. With a high chair, your dining area will be free from mess, and of course, they’ll develop the habit and culture of eating together at specific times of the day.

  • Cleaning Supplies

All the mentioned supplies will enter your baby’s mouth, so make sure to clean everything your baby uses when eating. It’s best to pick organic dishwashing soaps, as formaldehyde may be present in some non-organic products.

Fun Bathroom Times

Water isn’t the most welcoming element for many babies, so it would be helpful for you if you had all the supplies you needed. Add a little fun and pick baby-friendly designs for these bathroom items to make bath times something your baby can look forward to.

  • Baby Bathtub

Pick a bathtub with a baby seat or sling, so when you are bathing your baby, they’ll be in a comfortable position. You can detach the sling when your baby can independently sit.

  • Shampoo, Soap, and Lotion

Going for organic shampoo, soap, and lotion is the way to ensure that you are getting something safe for your little one. These products are less likely to irritate your baby’s skin as they are made from natural sources.

  • Baby Towels

When your baby finally enjoys bath time, you’ll be challenged to bring them out of the water. When you are prepared with adorable baby towels to wrap them up in, there’ll be a greater chance of pulling them out of the water.

  • Grooming Supplies

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and nail clippers with cute designs look more enticing to babies. When you pick these, you can make these tasks easier.

Productive Playroom and Playground Moments

Play is integral to a baby’s physical, mental, and social development. Newborns’ playtime includes singing, making sounds, and reaching out to their mobiles. Their activities expand as they grow. Make sure to prepare your home with these playtime tools they’ll need to assist their growth.

  • Playmat and Playpen

Set a play space indoors and outdoors for your baby with the help of a playpen. You can put all their toys inside and keep your baby busy without you worrying they’ll go somewhere unsafe. Babyproof it with a play mat, so the impact is minimized if they fall.

  • Educational and Safe Toys

Make their time in a playpen productive by providing educational toys. Begin with baby books, puzzles, stacking toys, different musical instruments, and baby-safe coloring and drawing materials.

  • Baby Swings and More

Help them with their motor development by adding a baby swing, slide, or ball hoop. You can also introduce new textures to your baby using clay and sand, but make sure to be with them when they play to ensure their safety.

  • Tent

Watch your baby play pretend when you add a tent to their play area. Outdoors, the tent will double as a shade for sun protection. 

Exploring Travel Must-Haves

At a young age, your baby should learn to be on the go. This develops their patience and flexibility. Seeing new scenery and going to different places enriches your baby’s experiences. Plus, it’ll make for great memories. Make every trip comfortable for you and your baby by having these travel must-haves.

  • Baby Carrier and Stroller

Save yourself from back pain and alternate using a baby carrier and stroller when you travel. Pick the ones that have a compact design for portability.

  • Infant Car Seat

Ensure your baby is safe as you travel to your destination by installing a car seat. Aside from safety, infant car seats ensure your baby is comfortable during short or long travels. 

  • Baby Travel Bag

Purchase portable travel supplies for your baby and put them in a bag specially designed for traveling. You’ll discover baby bags that can fit baby food and snacks, cans of milk, bottles, your baby’s clothes, and cleaning supplies.

Newborn Baby Accessories From Ashtonbee

This list looks long, but investing in these items is worth it when you see your baby comfortable and having fun. These also benefit you as a parent, as you’ll have everything you need to take care of your baby.

Have you ticked all of the boxes on this list, or are you still waiting to complete it? Don’t worry; some of the missing supplies you need are stocked at Ashtonbee! Check out our newborn baby accessories, babyproofing, feeding, and playtime supplies now, and tick off your baby supply checklist one by one!

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