Setting Storytime Mood

Reading bedtime stories to your child is a cherished tradition. It is a bonding moment they will remember forever. But what can you do to set the mood and ensure a calming experience for both you and your little one? Some kids are still energetic before bedtime and cannot sit still to listen to your stories.

Don’t worry! A few baby bed rails and a couple of tips we’ll share here can be added to the equation and make all the difference. Plus, we’ve got the best storybooks to keep your little one entertained and filled with wisdom and wonder during storytime! Get ready to dive into the colorful world of a kid’s imagination. It’s storytime!



Setting the Mood for Storytime

Setting the mood for storytime makes the activity more fun, exciting, and of course, for extra careful parents like you, safe! Check out these tips on how you can make each bedtime something you and your little one can look forward to and still ensure they get the good sleep they need at night.

Accomplish Pre-Bedtime Routine

Make sure that your little one already drank their milk, cleaned up, and brushed their teeth. Treat storytime as the grand finale of their bedtime routine, something that can motivate your child to accomplish their bedtime must-dos.

Once done, make it a habit to check the storytime area—their beds! If they are cosleeping with you, make sure the baby bed rails for queen size bed are installed properly. If they are sleeping independently, check for the baby bed guard. You do not want your baby falling because of their excitement about the story.

Add Some Theatrics

Kids’ imaginations are the best, and as the storyteller, you should at least match and satisfy them. So make sure to go all out with the theatrics when telling stories. Some of the drama you can do are the following:

  • Lighting is everything, so dim the lights or turn on the fairy lights, night lamps, or light projectors showing various shapes like animals and stars.
  • Be a little extra in reading stories by giving distinct voices to the different characters, adding some song, or speaking in rhymes.
  • Preparing masks and switching them per character is also a great way to make the storytelling fun.
  • Picking books that have colors and interesting pictures per page will keep your child’s interest high.

Kids grow up so fast, and it is great to give them these wonderful memories while they are young.

Reiterate the Lesson and Keep Them Excited

Aside from the fun, make sure that your little one grasps at least the moral of the story. Your young kid might not remember all the details, but with your help and guidance, they can at least keep the story’s message in their hearts.

Before you kiss your little one good night, give them a little sneak peek of what’s for the next night’s storytime. This moment is also the time to remind them to sleep tight, so they’ll have the energy to face the next day’s challenges—just like the main characters of the stories you shared.

baby bed rails for queen size bed

The Best Story Books for Your Little One

Everything is set. You are sure your child is already ready for bed. As you tell the stories, the bed you are using is safe for them because of baby bed rails for queen bed or baby bed guards. Let’s now skip to the exciting part. As a parent, you want to be on top of picking storybooks your child will read and learn from. Check out these titles—they are interesting and teach great values too.

Winnie the Pooh

There is also a Winnie the Pooh television series, but it is better to introduce the story’s interesting characters through books. The story of Winnie the Pooh teaches children to value friendship, just like how Winnie the Pooh values his friends Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet as he always goes the extra mile to help them.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Good manners and right conduct are lessons that should be taught early to kids if you want them to imbibe it until they are old. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book shows how good kids are rewarded and the naughty ones are punished in a fun and chocolate-filled way.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where Wild Things Are can be a great way to communicate the message to love one’s mother. This story showed how Max, the main character, disrespected her mother and traveled where the wild things were for adventure. Yet after it all, he still came back to his mom.

The Story of Ferdinand

People and things that look daunting on the outside are not to be feared at all times, especially after getting to know them deeply. This is the lesson to learn in The Story of Ferdinand. Ferdinand is a mighty bull who doesn’t want any bullfight but is head over heels on delicate flowers and their scent.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Telling the truth and keeping away from the lies are also values that kids need to learn early, and this is exactly what The Boy Who Cried Wolf is all about. The story is about a boy who cried wolf when there wasn’t any to fool other people. When the time came that there were real wolves and he cried for help—no one came.

baby bed rails for queen size bed

Safe and Exciting Storytime Using Ashtonbee’s Baby Bed Rails

Setting the mood for storytime takes a little effort, but it is all worth it when your little one starts listening. All the theatrics and time spent picking the best stories will pay off when you know your child is following the lessons on friendship, love, honesty, and kindness. Nothing compares when you see your kid living the values they learned from the books. Thanks to you!

If you have already begun your storytime, the ideas we shared above can make your routine even more exciting. But, if you haven’t begun yet, then the time is now!

Let Ashtonbee take care of your little one’s safety through our bed rails. We have them all for you if you need more baby safety products. Feel free to check out our collection to find just what you need.

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