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Sleep time is challenging enough without worrying if your baby is safe and protected in their sleep. Putting them in a crib is less concerning as it can adequately protect your child. However, things become less black and white once they move from the crib to a toddler bed.

With so many types of toddler beds available, a parent’s first concern is their child falling out of bed as they sleep. In this case, a bed guard rail can give you the security you deserve. So keep reading and see the amazing benefits of having a bed rail.

What Is a Bed Guard Rail?

The purpose of bed guard rails for toddlers is to keep children from slipping and falling from the bed while they are sleeping. Bed rails can also assist them in transitioning from a crib to a bed.

Toddlers are erratic sleepers; that’s why bed guard rails are necessary. Parents who share a bed with their toddler know their small bodies can take up a lot of space in bed. That’s not to mention the incredible acrobatics they can perform even when sleeping.

Baby bed rail guards come in two types.

  1. Frame guard. Usually attached to your toddler’s bed frame, a frame guard prevents your little one from falling out of the bed. This type is ideal for toddlers and older kids who tend to roll around a lot while sleeping.
  1. Mattress guard. It typically comes with a strap that you attach to your toddler’s bed corners. Mattress guards also usually come in different lengths, which allows you to choose the one that best fits their bed.

In terms of managing your baby’s safety, bed guard rails provide an extreme level of protection. So, choose between the two types mentioned above based on what will work best for you and your child.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bed Guard Rails Crib?

Using bed guard rails has many great benefits. Check them out below.

Prevents Falls and Entrapment

A baby bed rail guard can keep your baby safe on the bed so that they won’t fall on the floor. Such an accident happens more frequently than you would think, so it’s essential to keep your child safe even when sleeping.

Bed rails can also keep your crawling baby from becoming entrapped between loose sheets or covers. If there isn’t any room to get away, this may result in suffocation. This scary situation mostly occurs during late-night feedings, sleep time, or when they wake up.

Provides Security and Comfort

Since the bed rail guards are made of soft material, there is a very low chance that they will hurt your child. The material will not irritate them when you fasten it to the bed.

Bed rails can also keep the bed covers intact and prevent loose bedsheets from getting on top of their faces.

Adjustable and Easy to Use

Since bed rail guards come in various sizes, they will fit no matter what the size of your toddler’s bed is! You can also adjust them as your baby grows.

The installation of a bed rail guard is quite simple! Just follow the two easy steps below.

  1. Bring out your new bed rail guards and unwrap them. If the package includes any instructions for installing the bed rails, read them before proceeding to the installation. Doing this ensures that you will assemble them perfectly.
  2. Install the bed rails as instructed. Remember to lay them down end to end. Keep a hand between them to avoid the possibility of entrapment.

All that remains is for you to relax, assured that your toddler is safe and comfortable as long as the bed guard rails are placed correctly.

How to Choose the Right Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers

It’s important to choose a bed rail that will perfectly fit the type of mattress or bed you have in your home. Below are three-bed rail designs you can choose from.

Swing-Down Rail

This design allows you to lock it in place while your child is sleeping and swing it down when not in use. You attach swing-down rails beneath the mattress, making them ideal for toddler beds with standard-sized mattresses.

Ideally, only you can unlock a swing-down rail. However, some users complain that it can be unlocked whenever a child rolls up. Nevertheless, most models are durable and last long enough.

Fixed Rail

You can also attach these rails beneath the mattress, but you cannot move or swing them down because they are fixed. A fixed rail is a little shorter than a swing-down rail, which is why it won’t cover the entire edge of your toddler’s bed. You’ll commonly find them on small bed sizes and even convertible cribs.

Bumper Guard Rails

Bumper guards have two types: foam and inflatable bumper guards. Both can make rolling over incredibly hard for your toddlers and are far more comfortable than metal guard rails.

Ashtonbee portable bed rail for toddler

The best example of an inflatable guard rail is Ashtonbee’s portable bed rail for toddlers. Like other bed bumpers, it keeps your infants from falling off the bed. Aside from being inflatable, it has the following distinguishing features:

  • Has a nonslip silicone backing. You can just drape your fitted bed sheet over it, and it will keep your toddler in place.
  • Extremely simple to use. Just pump air through its small nozzle. It’s also easy to deflate when not in use. And when you have flattened it, it is also easy to store.
  • Portable and travel-friendly. They’re very light and are easy to carry when deflated. They make a good safety accessory, especially for parents who are always on the go.
  • Seamlessly fits a toddler’s bed. This bumper won’t make your toddler feel as if they’re inside a cage. It will also provide your baby with a comfortable and safe sleep experience through the night.

Choosing the best bed rails for your baby’s safety can be tough. You’ll find many bed rails on the market, all of which claim to give full protection and other benefits; however, before making a purchase, make sure to conduct thorough research.

Final Thoughts

Bed rail guards are excellent accessories that secure your baby while sleeping! Their wonderful benefits include preventing toddlers from rolling off the bed or, worse, being suffocated by loose covers. They also keep your baby from leaping out of bed and injuring themselves from the fall.

The setup process is simple, so rest assured that your child will be perfectly safe as long as their bed rails are in place! So, install a bed guard rail today and let your baby enjoy their sleep time without compromising their safety.

Ashtonbee has more baby essentials to offer. Check out our products and make parenting even more enjoyable!

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