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You are already deep in your sleep and having a fascinating dream when you hear a crying baby in your subconscious— and in reality! Your baby is awake and needs something, so you stand up, forget about the dream, and attend to your baby’s needs.

Ask any parent what they miss most before having a baby, and you’ll hear a common answer— a good, long, deep, and sound sleep! In this article, we will talk about how you and your baby can get your most desired sleep by using bed rails. You’ll be thankful you discovered this product early before your eye bags bulge. Without further ado, let’s begin!

What To Look For When Buying Bed Rails For Twin Bed

Since this product is for your baby, you have to check the safety and quality details of the bed rails. Here are the characteristics you should look for.


Even in bed rails, size matters as it ensures the safety of your child. If a bed guard rail does not fit right, it may easily fall off when your child leans on it, whether asleep or awake. Also, if the bed rails do not fit, there may be gaps in corners, and these areas are where your child’s hands and feet may get stuck. Skip these worries by checking the exact size of your twin bed and ensuring the rails you get will match it.

Rail Design

Where is your baby’s twin bed located? Is it in the middle of the room or by the wall? These details will determine whether you’ll need a rail surrounding the bed and on the footbed or on one side only. You can also choose between half or full rails, but we recommend using full rails for babies and younger kids as they move more when asleep. Putting railing all around the bed is the safest way. You can shift to half rail as they grow.

Made With Safe Materials

All the things your baby uses should be free from toxic and harmful chemicals like lead and BPA— including the bed rails. Consider whether you want to use wood, plastic, or steel rails. All these materials are durable, but they have their pros and cons.

  • Wooden Bed Rails

Pros: Sturdy and durable

Cons: Heavy and more difficult to install than other materials

  • Plastic Safety Guard Rail

Pros: Breathable and lightweight

Cons: Least sturdy among the three

  • Steel Safety Rail

Pros: Long-lasting

Cons: Heavy

Easy Installation and Removal

Your choice of material will also contribute to whether you’ll have bed rails that are easy to install. To install the rails, you need to insert the rail bottom under the mattress. Whether you have wood, steel, or plastic, this is the most common way of installation. Yet, because plastic is lightweight, it is the easiest to put up and remove. Also, choose rails with plastic nets that block the side of the bed. These are breathable and easy to put up and down.


If your family often goes on out-of-town trips, you’ll find a portable bed rail extremely helpful. You can fold the rails to easily fit into your car. When you arrive at your destination, you and your child can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a comfortable room because you can stay in your bed while your baby hugs his/her favorite teddy bear in another bed. After the trip, you can just fold the rails and put them back in your car.

Child-friendly Design

Finally, aside from the practical use of these bed rails, make sure to always add joy and spark to any stuff you add to your child’s belongings. Imagine how your child will feel if you put up bed rails with cute characters or adorable animals in place. Sleeping time is a moment he or she will surely always look forward to. This will also make them feel more comfortable sleeping on their own when they finally move from a crib to a bed.

bed rails for twin bed

The Benefits Of Using Twin Bed With Rails

After all those details, can you now picture the kind of bed rails you want for your child? Check out the benefits of using bed rails below to convince you even more.

Safe and Sound Baby Sleep

Moving from the crib to a twin bed may be a simple task in adults’ view, but for babies, the step may be daunting. Their cribs are their comfort zones, and moving to a bigger bed can cause sleeping troubles. Bed rails can serve as a security blanket and assurance that even if they move to a big boy or big girl bed, the rails will ensure they will not fall.

Encourages Child Independence

As your child sleeps in bed night after night, he/she will slowly develop a sense of independence. You’ll have a bittersweet feeling of transitioning from laying your baby to sleep on a crib to your child voluntarily going to bed at night. You might need storybooks now instead of a rocking chair so that your child can fall asleep faster. You will both adjust not only to the new bed but to this new positive behavior.

Relaxing Sleep for Parents, too

With bed rails, you are assured that your child is safe, independent, and enjoying his/her sleep. With this, you don’t need to check your child every now and then. If you have a bigger bed with railings and your child is safe for co-sleeping, sleeping together makes you and your child sleep better. There is no need to put the baby in the middle because your child is safe from falling whichever part of the bed he or she wishes to sleep in.

No Need to Reposition Room Furniture

Before the baby comes out, your house’s interior design changes and shifts to a home safe for an exploring and curious kid. But good news! You do not need to move the bulky bed or a twin bed towards the wall for your baby to sleep at the side near the wall so they won’t fall. You also do not need to be on the falling end as the bed rail will do the job of keeping your baby safe for you. With bed rails, you just need to attach the rails on the sides and the foot of the bed. With that, the original interior design won’t move even a bit.

Worry-free Hotel Stays and Sleepovers

An out-of-town family or a trip abroad is a moment for everybody to relax and have their well-deserved break. With bed rails, you don’t need to leave your child and go on a trip alone anymore because you can still have self-time once your child sleeps. The trick is to rent a room with two beds: a twin bed for your child and a queen size bed for you and your partner. Let your independent little one sleep on a safe twin bed with portable bed rails while you and your partner catch up and savor the vacation you have been looking forward to.

side rails for twin bed

Get Your Side Rails For Twin Bed Here At Ashtonbee

With all this good news and benefits, you must be asking when to convert crib to toddler bed with rail. The decision highly depends on you and how you will use the bed rails. If you use the bed rails for a twin bed and are looking into giving your child their bed to sleep on, the best age is at least two years old and above. However, if you are thinking of adding bed rails to your king bed and co-sleeping with your baby, you can do it as long as you know you are careful and self-aware of your own space and the baby’s space.

Ready to try this sleeping tool magic? You can get your portable bed rail for toddlers here at Ashtonbee! We are one with your goal of keeping your baby safe and giving you both more sleep!

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