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Back in the day, traveling on your own entailed a lot of excitement. However, with your little one tagging along now, your emotions will be 50% thrilled and 50% anxious. Your baby will become the top priority because their comfort is yours too.

Let us help you make great memories the moment your journey starts until you reach your destination. We have prepared travel tips and a list of must-haves, from a portable high chair to diaper wipes.

Let’s check them out!


Tips when traveling with a baby

  1. Be wise in picking airplane seats.

The seat you’d want to occupy on a plane is the bulkhead, where there is enough space for you to attach a bassinet. After putting your baby to sleep, you can lay them there comfortably, just like how you do it at home in your baby’s crib.

If you are traveling with a toddler, it would be wise to reserve a seat for your tiny traveler so that they can move with comfort, sleep when they need to, and stretch their little legs for long rides.

  1. Do not overpack.

The parent in you will want to bring as much stuff as possible “just to be sure.” Just to be sure, you will pack your little one’s needs in twos, ending up with you having twice as much as you are supposed to bring.

Remember: when traveling with a baby, do not overpack! Doing so will leave you exhausted from taking care of your belongings instead of your baby. Nevertheless, if this is your way, it is better to ship your baggage in advance.

  1. Use a carrier and stroller alternately.

Your proximity affects your baby’s travel comfort, so it is better to use baby carriers instead of strollers, especially inside vehicles. Your warmth will serve as their blanket to relax and feel comfortable, although transportation is still foreign to them.

Nevertheless, once your child has adjusted to traveling, shift to strollers for your comfort and for your little one to appreciate the surroundings more through their own senses.

  1. Be conscious of the travel time.

It would help if you plan your trip down to a specific travel time. As a parent, you know that the golden time for your child is when they are asleep and after they have had a restful sleep.

With that, pick a time when your child has just woken up from a nap or during nap time. It ensures that you have a bubbly bundle of joy that’s in the mood for adventures while you are inside the plane, train, or ship.

best portable baby high chair

  1. Keep your baby entertained.

Boredom is your enemy in long rides, so make sure to keep your baby entertained by bringing their favourite toys. If the vehicle allows it, play their favorite video and songs.

Munching also counts as amusement, so make sure to carry snacks to keep your baby full. If your baby is still too young for solids, breastfeeding when traveling is most advisable to avoid additional bottle baggage.

  1. Clean, clean, clean.

Parents like you are extra careful with the little ones knowing that their immune system is not yet strong. So when you travel, make sure to bring a small kit for disinfection.

Wipe anything you and your baby will come in contact with, like the vehicle chair and window sill. Do the same when you visit restaurants and other destinations. There is no harm in doing so, and it is better to be sure than risk your baby’s health.

  1. Be ready with a first aid kit.

You’ll wear different hats as a parent, and you’ll enjoy each one of them. When traveling, channel your inner doctor and be sure to think ahead on the worst that might happen.

For example, your little one might get a tummy ache because of the vehicle ride, or your baby may feel feverish due to the fatigue of moving from one destination to the next. In case this happens, you’ll be prepared with a first aid kit and medicines.

Must-have items for a comfortable trip

Diaper bag and changing pads

Have enough supply of diapers. Bring a changing pad as well to ensure comfortable changing. The best changing pad should be portable and easy to fit in a hand carry bag. It should also have pockets so that you can find your diapers and baby wipes in one place.

The best portable high chair

If your baby can already sit on a high chair, get the best portable high chair for your baby’s comfort. You can have a foldable wood or plastic high chair. If you are traveling by car, you can easily fit it in.

You can also pick the best portable hook on a high chair that is easily attachable to any table. A fabric high chair is available too, and you can attach the safety harness to the portable high chair seat for your baby to sit safely and comfortably.

Baby carrier, car seat, and stroller

Different states and countries have additional requirements on car seats, and you can never be sure whether the vehicle you will be riding has one. So better bring your car seat anywhere you go for your peace of mind.

If you still have to run some errands while unwinding, better get a stroller. But for short distances and while on flights, keep your baby close with a baby carrier.

Endless supply of baby wipes

Access to a sink with flowing water is limited whether you are in transit or already in your destination. Arm yourself with an endless supply of baby wipes so that you can clean your baby, particularly their hands that love touching anything they see. You can also pick disinfectant wipes specially designed for cleaning nooks and crannies of any space.

best portable hook on high chair

Get a portable high chair from Ashtonbee

Traveling with a baby is always an adventure, and you can make it easier by packing the right items. You can pack your baggage full, but prioritize the must-haves discussed above.

It will also bring you comfort if you follow our seven tips for comfortable travels. As a result, you’ll save energy for your itineraries. You and your baby can also appreciate the activities more and explore endlessly.

You can count on Ashtonbee to offer different products for you and your baby, from a wooden high chair baby can use for eating and playing to the apparel they can wear. Feel free to check out our website for more product details and images.

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