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For parents like you, every need of your baby counts. Whether it’s something as simple as clothes or as major as a crib, you make sure to pick only the best. When it comes to socks, there are a lot of considerations to ensure you are getting the finest. 

However, it’s not always easy picking out the best among all the options available. Let us help you through this blog post. We’ll talk about the different socks babies can use at different stages. We’ll include the best baby socks for babies just learning to walk, those already crawling, and even the best socks for newborns. Let’s take a look. 

Plain Sock Shoes

These sock shoes are classified as “plain” because they do not have rubber dots or soles. They are just plain socks designed to look like shoes. You’ll see socks that look like sneakers, socks that look like Mary Janes, and even baby booties.There are also those printed with animals and different characters.

Best Time to Use Them

These sock shoes are best for newborn babies as they are simple to put on and take off. Since a newborn baby’s legs are still developing, making them wear heavy and bulky shoes isn’t advisable. The light weight of the socks will not put pressure on your baby’s feet and legs. With these socks, your baby can still have cute outfits that match from head to toe.

Knee-High Sock Shoes

As your baby grows, their motor capabilities progress. From just laying down, they can slowly lay on their tummies. Before you know it, your little one can crawl! Knee-high socks have designs as varied and adorable as regular newborn socks. There are plain white knee-high socks and even colorful ones designed with animals and characters. The only difference is that these socks are longer to protect your baby’s legs. 

Best Time to Use Them

The best time to use these socks is when your baby starts to crawl—from 6 months onwards. The older your baby gets, the more they will explore using their legs, knees, and hands. With these knee-high socks, they’ll be protected from scrapes and bruises. They also give your baby comfort without heaviness and bulk during the stage when all they want to do is explore. If you really want your baby to wear shoes, these socks can fit inside comfortably.

best socks for babies learning to walk

Non-Slip Socks for Babies Learning to Walk

Though they may look it, not all socks are made the same; there are socks with small rubber dots underneath. These rubber dots are meant for babies to avoid slipping when they stand or try to walk. Your baby can wear these instead of roaming around barefoot.

Best Time to Use Them

After your baby learns to crawl, the next step is to stand. They will surely try to get up when they see posts, table legs, shelves, sofas, and furniture they can hold on to. Since your baby is still learning to walk, having heavy and bulky shoes won’t help as they may cause your baby to fall. Socks with small dots on the soles help babies have a firmer stance and avoid slipping. The rubber will stick to the floor, whether you have tile, cement, or wood floors. 

Socks with Full Rubber Soles

These sock shoes stay true to their name because they are both socks and shoes. It is the best socks for babies learning to walk. For the most part, these socks are like regular socks except the soles are made out of solid rubber. Like the other socks on this list, these come in a variety of designs: some look like shoes, some come in plain colors, and some have cute animal or character designs on them.

Best Time to Use Them

These socks with full rubber soles are best for toddlers who can already walk steadily. It can serve as an active toddler walking shoe, as the weight of the flexible sole won’t bother them. The rubber soles will serve as protection in case your little one walks on dirt, soil, sand, cement, sharp objects, and other materials that may hurt their little feet. 

You may be asking what the point of these socks are then. Since the upper portion is made out of thin fabric, these socks are more breathable than baby shoes. They’re also much lighter, and much easier to slip on and off.

General Characteristics of Good Baby Sock Shoes

Now that you know the different types of sock shoes for babies, it is time to dive deeper into the features you should look for before making your purchase. Check these out!

Made with Skin-Friendly Materials

First, you should check the materials the sock shoes are made of. They should be made with baby-friendly fabric to avoid any skin allergies. Some green flags are socks made of organic cotton, bamboo rayon, or jersey knit fabric. These materials are soft and breathable, so sweat will not irritate your baby’s skin. 

Perfect for the Weather

Once you get a supply of socks with baby-friendly materials, sort them out from thin to thick. Use the thinner cotton socks for warm summer days, and shift to the thicker versions and even the knitted ones to keep your little one’s feet warm during cold, snowy days. 

Baby-Friendly Designs

Of course, after considering safety, always leave room for fun socks with baby-friendly designs. If your little one is into cartoon characters, you can find these designs too. Some socks come with a complete set of matching attire you can use for special occasions.

non slip socks for babies learning to walk

Frequently Asked Questions About Socks 

Should babies be wearing socks?

Yes. Babies should wear socks to help them regulate their body temperature. Without socks, their feet will be cold. 

At what age should babies start wearing socks?

Newborns can wear socks, whether the season is cold or hot. Just adjust the sock’s thickness depending on the weather.

Can I put socks on my baby at night?

It is usually colder at night, so putting socks on your baby may be helpful. Nevertheless, babies can still wear socks even during the day. Consider using sock shoes if your baby is more active.

Do you put socks on babies with shoes?

It is best to wear socks if your baby wears shoes for protection from blisters and for extra comfort while walking. 

Ashtonbee’s Sock Shoes Are Good for Babies

There are plenty of baby sock shoes, but we hope we have helped you find the most suitable one for your child. Remember that different types of sock shoes are meant to assist your baby in specific stages of their muscle and foot development.

If you need socks with rubber dots underneath for your baby learning how to walk, check out what we offer here at Ashtonbee. We have cute socks that are also extremely practical. If this is what you’re looking for, get your baby a pair now!

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