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Admit it! People give you the side eye when you admit you’re a fan of baby pillows. Getting all sorts of opinions from fellow parents and experts is the norm when it comes to newborn head support, and for good reason!

Pillows aren’t encouraged because of the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). These head cushions may accidentally cover the baby’s face as they sleep and cause SIDS. Nevertheless, many parents are still champions of their use because of comfort and their benefits for shaping the baby’s head.

Here are some newborn pillows you can use for your little one and how they can assist you. Caution and proper use can lower the risk of dangers, but as always, seek advice from your pediatrician first.

Newborn Baby Sleeping Pillow

Plenty of regular baby pillows out there function as additional cushions when your baby lays down. Despite having no special functions, it is best to pick a breathable newborn pillow to ensure your baby’s comfort. Also, check out the materials used for the pillow case and the cushion inside. They should be made of baby-friendly materials to avoid skin rashes and allergies on your baby’s sensitive skin.


Although experts say that babies are comfortable enough without pillows, sleeping pillows provide extra cushioning for your baby’s head. This is especially helpful when the surface you are laying your baby on isn’t that soft. Plus, pillows complete the bedding set for your baby’s nursery. What’s a cot, crib, and bed without a cute tiny pillow for your baby? A well-matched pillow, sheets, and nursery looks extremely cute!. 

Newborn Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding is one of the most fulfilling, yet challenging, activities babies and mothers engage in. The task requires you and your little one to be both in a comfortable position.

Good thing there are specially designed nursing pillows you can use. Most of them have a U-shaped design. You can adjust it to wrap around your torso for various breastfeeding positions like the cradle hold, side-lying hold, or football hold.


Nursing pillows ensure that feeding time is always comfortable. Some nursing positions are uncomfortable to do, and nursing pillows help alleviate the discomfort. There are also mothers who feed multiple babies at the same time; a nursing pillow can help make these more comfortable. 

When you and your baby are comfortable, breastfeeding will be much easier. Since these nursing baby pillows are lightweight and portable, you can be cozy anywhere at home or on the go.

These U-shaped pillows are also multipurpose. You can use them as tummy support for your baby’s tummy and burp time, or as back support when they sit. 

newborn nursing pillow

Flat Head Pillow

Flat head syndrome can be caused by things out of your control: complications during the birthing process, carrying multiple fetuses, or congenital problems may all contribute. But you can address a flat head caused by your baby’s sleeping and lying positions through the help of a flat head pillow. 

These head-shaping pillows have a hole or a scooped shape in the middle to follow the shape of the back of the head, ensuring it won’t be flat. In some situations, doctors recommend a helmet orthosis to help mold the baby’s skull into its normal shape. 


A flat head pillow and helmet therapy’s main benefit is preventing mild to severe flat head. It can also be a solution to address an unevenly shaped baby head. Once you notice your baby laying on only one side, a flat head pillow can help them adjustComplement this with tummy time too!

Car Seat Baby Pillow

Baby car seat pillows have different designs, like ones that provide cushioning from head to toe. The cushion cradles both sides of the head and arms to ensure that your baby’s head and body are steady despite movement.

There are also U-shaped pillows meant for the baby’s nape. They look like the regular travel pillows adults use, only smaller in size. This pillow ensures your baby’s head will not sway left and right when they doze off inside a moving vehicle.


Your baby’s head swaying left and right can have many detrimental effects. For instance, they can end up with an aching neck and muscles because of an uncomfortable position. 

Sleep quality can also be affected, which can, in turn, make them grumpy upon waking. Taking care of a child with tantrums can take away the relaxation of your vacation. Prevent this by using a baby traveling pillow. 

Lounger Pillow

Relax anywhere in the house or even when you go on a vacation when you have a portable and comfortable lounger pillow for your baby. This pillow looks like a mini bed for your baby. It is designed to provide full body support for your little one. The head cushion has a scooped middle to help your baby avoid flat head syndrome; there is also a cushion in the bottom for leg support.


When you have a lounger pillow, you can comfortably place it anywhere for your little one to have something to lay on. It can keep your baby safe while laying alone, as some pillows are designed with straps. The additional cushion around the pillow surrounding your baby keeps them from rolling around everywhere. If you sleep side by side with your baby, the elevation from their lounger can keep them safe in their own space.

newborn head support

Get Your Newborn Pillow From Ashtonbee

When you have all these choices to make your baby more comfortable, using baby pillows becomes more encouraging. You can use pillows for nursing, when relaxing, in the car when traveling, and for cushioning. The danger of SIDS is still present, so you need to be cautious and always keep an eye on your baby if you choose to use any of these pillows. After all, risks will always be there, but a careful parent will always prevail. 

If you ever decide to get baby pillows, check out what we have here at Ashtonbee! Our baby head pillows are designed to prevent and address flat heads. They are made of child-friendly materials to ensure your baby is safe. They are worth the investment, so get one now!

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