When baby sit in high chair

Caring for your baby is never easy, especially during the first few precious months. The moment you deliver your newborn child to the world, you have to be very careful because your baby is tiny and fragile. There are nights when you need to stay up late because of endless crying, and you always have to be attentive and alert to guarantee the best care.

Anyway, there are so many helpful baby products in the market today that aim to make parental duties easier—today’s parents have it a lot easier in this department. This article will discuss baby essentials and your child’s development, when can infant sit in high chair, when can they process and mimic sounds, etc.

Baby Essentials and Developmental Milestones

Parents can’t contain their happiness when they see their babies smile, laugh, and hear them say their very first word! The advancement in motor and cognitive skills of your baby each week are known as developmental milestones. So let’s discover your baby’s development each month and the baby essentials you need to prepare to ensure safety and continuous advancement.

When baby sit in high chair

2 Months

The second month’s progress of your baby focuses more on recognition and auditory development. This period is where your child focuses attention on faces and begins to follow things with the eyes. The child also has the ability to recognize people at a distance and even displays boredom when activities don’t change.

Your baby begins to smile at people, can briefly calm down during feats of tantrums, coos and creates gurgling noises. The child starts to turn in the direction of the sound, begins to push up when lying on the tummy, and makes more refined movements using arms and legs.

The baby essentials you should have for this area are a breast pump, baby bottles, burp cloths, feeding pillow, pacifier, baby grooming kit, bassinet, stroller, and infant car seat.

4 Months

The fourth-month deals with the social and emotional manifestations of your child. Your baby gets friendlier with strangers by displaying spontaneous smiles. The child likes to play a lot and cries when you stop them from playing. It’s also quite entertaining to witness your baby copy some of your facial expressions and movements. Babbling with expressions and copying sounds are also evident in this period. Your child tends to be more expressive by crying when the baby feels exhausted, hungry, and in pain.

As a parent, you can easily identify if your baby is happy or sad. One of the best parts of this period is seeing your little one respond to affection and grab a toy with just a single hand. A four-month-old baby can hold the head unsupported and push down on the legs when feet are grounded on a flat surface. The child gets more playful by shaking toys and rolling over. Guardians should always be on the lookout because the child usually brings hands to the mouth—make sure to keep dangerous objects out of the child’s reach.

You have to secure the following essentials: crib, playmat, mattress, baby monitor, and shusher.

6 Months

The sixth month is the one that we have been waiting for! At this point, the child needs less supervision, and it means more time for you to chill and relax. In this period, the child can recognize familiar faces and ignore strangers. Your baby will want to play with you and love looking at their facial expressions in the mirror. At this point, you can also have a conversation with your baby because the child can now respond to sounds and babble strings of vowels and consonant sounds.

Say the name of your baby, and you will surely get a response. Curiosity and trying to reach things are expected at this stage. The baby begins to bring things to the mouth and pass things using both hands.

If you’re wondering how soon your baby can sit in a high chair, it’s at the 6th month. This is the time when your child can sit with no support. If you want a baby essential that can help you feed your baby easily at mealtime, get a high chair, and your baby will definitely love it. With a high chair, you can also leave your baby while allowing them to play with toys or soft foods. Some of the best baby high chair qualities include being highly durable, space-saving, and comfortable.

If you are looking for a quality high chair, you can try Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for babies that offers superior comfort and durability. When you buy a high chair, you have to check if it comes with adjustable legs, a detachable food tray, a safety harness, a padded seat, and a footrest. Aside from a high chair, it would be best to have a splat mat, dribble bibs, soft toys, and other meal essentials.

9 Months to 1 Year

The ninth month through one year offers more cognitive and physical development for your child. In this timeframe, the toddler uses simple gestures, gets into a sitting position, and may stand without assistance. Be patient with your child because they might become shy or afraid of strangers and cry when you leave.

Your child can also play more complicated game patterns and follow simple instructions. A high chair is still necessary during this developmental stage. Aside from the high chair, your child will begin to explore how to walk. You will notice that your baby holds onto furniture to stand and make tiny paces. You can get an activity walker or let them learn at their own pace.

A Gentle Reminder

The first four months of your infant are the most crucial part of your child’s development. You have to take care of your baby properly and use the necessary baby essentials so you can provide absolute comfort to your little one. It is also a must to regularly bring your child to your trusted pediatrician for check-ups that provide you with awareness about your child’s condition and development.

Love and support your child all the time. There are many baby essentials that will help you achieve your parental goals. One of these essentials is the high chair. We hope this article has given you enough insight into the different developmental stages of your baby, including some fast facts about baby essentials, like how old a baby can sit in a high chair.

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