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High chairs are convenient for kids. They use it for eating, playing, and taking a rest. But as your baby grows older, you wonder if it is time to stop using the high chair. Your kids need to grow more independent, and eating on a removable tray or sitting in a traditional high chair should be left behind.


So when can you transition them? In this article, we’ll look for signs indicating your kids can move out from their baby chairs to something more suitable for their growing years.


  • When Your Toddler Gets Vocal

Toddlers will say what they want and feel, so if they don’t like to use their toddler chair anymore, they will say it. Furthermore, they observe everything around them, like when their parents and other siblings gather around the table to eat. They will eventually want to experience that too.


When you notice your kids getting your attention once you sit them in their high chairs, it’s a good sign they want to join the family table and move on from the baby chair.


  • When the Chair Becomes Too Small for Their Physique

Most high chairs are designed to hold your children only up to three years old. Some convertible high chairs may last even longer. But even with an adjustable height, your kids will outgrow the high chairs. Although you want your toddler to enjoy their toddler chair for longer, it’s time to stop using them.


If your kids are sitting too tight in the toddler chair, it can compromise their safety. Furthermore, if the chair traps their stomach region, it can lead to digestion problems.


  • When They Become Restless

Too much movement on the high chair can make it unstable. Even with safety buckles on, there’s a high chance that the chair will topple over. Their restlessness may be because they want to get out of the chair, so look for other factors that make them irritable.


Check if anything makes them uncomfortable, like splinters for wooden high chairs. Broken padded seats or toys and hard objects hinged in the sides and small spaces of the high chair.


  • When They Learn Basic Table Manners

One concern of parents when they transition their kids to regular chairs is how they will act when they are in the dinner table. Will they jump up and down the chair? Or try to stand on the table or continuously bang the silverware on the table?


Basic table manners are important before removing your kids from the high chair. Furthermore, your kids should know how to use spoons, forks, cups, and plates to avoid any mishaps on the dinner table.


  • When They Can Sit Upright by Themselves

One reason why kids need a high chair is for posture support. They need to be seated straight to avoid any choking hazards. So before you transfer them to other chairs, make sure they can hold their head and neck.


Also, ensure that they know how to chew and swallow properly to prevent any untoward incidents from happening.


  • When They Learn How to Unbuckle Their Harness

The safety straps on a high chair are designed for the child’s safety. If your kids learn how to unbuckle their safety harness, it’s game over. They have the freedom to move and do whatever they want, and you can’t leave them unattended, even for short periods.


Even if your kids are three years old or above, leaving them in a high chair without a harness can lead to accidents. Time to transition them to a normal chair.

Transitioning From a Full-Size High Chair Made Easier

Introducing change to your kids can be difficult since everything for them is the first time. If you think transitioning from a high chair to a regular chair is easy, it can be a lot of work for your kids. Here are some things to help them with the transition.


Consider a Booster Seat

Your kids may be overwhelmed by how big a regular chair is compared to them. So you may want to consider a booster seat for your kids. These are space saver chairs that you can place on top of chairs so your toddlers can reach the dining table.


Furthermore, booster seats have waist straps for additional security for your kids. This is a good way to condition their mind and body to how it feels to sit without their high chair.


Make The Transition Gradual

Although your kids may show signs that they are ready to leave their high chairs behind, old habits are hard to let go of. For example, your kids will absently mindedly climb their high chair when they know it’s mealtime.


As a start, keep their high out of sight, so you condition their brain to go for a regular chair when eating. Moreover, you can create a schedule. There could still be times when they can use the high chair and times they sit on a regular.


Make Transition Fun

The best way to help your kids with the transition is to let them sit together with the whole family. Eating dinner together gives them a sense of belonging. It will also be helpful to remove all distractions during mealtimes. For example, turn off TVs, keep the toys, and no gadgets allowed when eating.


By doing this, you not only teach them to focus on their food but also practice good table manners.


Consider Your Dining Area Set-up

Your dining area set-up will also be crucial for the transition. If you’re using a booster seat, you should have a sturdy and big enough regular chair to place the booster seat. Plus, it should not be cushioned to ensure the booster chair is flat and leveled.


Moreover, you’re dining table should be heavy enough so your kids can kick themselves away from the table. Also, your kids should be away from the wall to accommodate their extra movements. 


Get A High Chair That Grows With Your Child

Looking for the best high chair is a difficult task. There are several choices in the marketplace. Will you go for a convertible high chair? A portable high chair? Wooden high chair? Is an expensive one worth it? 

If a high-quality chair is what you’re looking for, then Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for babies and toddlers is best for you. Here are some of the key highlights of this high chair.


  • The high chair’s modern design fits great in any home interior. Both kids and parents will surely love this.
  • The seat and the removable tray are crafted from food-grade polypropylene material to ensure it’s non-toxic, and kids can safely eat on it.
  • The legs are made from sturdy beech wood that can carry significant weight and take high impact to guarantee high durability.
  • The leg rest has seven levels of adjustment, so this high chair grows with your kids. You can use it longer than other chairs, and it can even last when a new baby arrives.


No one can deny that toddler high chairs make parenting more convenient. But you can’t stop your children from growing and becoming more independent. There are observable signs telling you they want to try something new themselves, and we hope this article helps you spot them easily.

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