The first years of life are extremely significant. It’s where the foundations of development are built on. As parents, we want to ensure that these vital years are spent in a loving and healthy home filled with countless precious memories with the family.

We want our kids to have the best childhood possible to reach their full potential. And what better way to do so than to give them the best baby gear, like a high chair? 

The best high chair will be extremely handy when your child transitions to eating solid foods. However, you might be hesitant to purchase a toddler chair, so we’re here to show you how they can help you in your parenting journey. 

Why Use High Chair For Babies?

While it might not seem obvious, using high chairs can actually be beneficial to both parents and babies. 

  • Placing your child on a high chair allows them to interact more with the family and their environment, improving their social skills
  • Sitting on a high chair during meals also makes them more self-reliant as they gradually start eating independently. 
  • High chairs offer postural support for babies, encouraging good sitting and symmetric posture.
  • Parents get to have more time for themselves. With their baby on a toddler seat, parents can tend to more matters freely during mealtimes. 

When Can My Baby Sit on a High Chair?

You’re probably wondering if it’s time to get your baby on a high chair. Experts say babies are usually ready to sit on high chairs as early as four months. And at 18 to 24 months, they’re ready to move from a high chair to a booster seat.

However, children grow at differing rates. With many factors coming into play, one infant’s development won’t be the same for every other baby. So instead of assuming based on months, professionals suggest looking for specific signs in your toddler’s behavior to check if it’s time to get them up on that chair. 

Head Position

Head bobbing and shaking are normal early developmental milestones. Through this, they gain head and neck muscle control. If your infant’s head remains upright or only slightly bobs while sitting for more than a minute, they display good muscle stability and control, which signals their transition to high chairs. 

An infant’s head scrunching down can result in blocked airways, and babies may be unable to swallow their food properly. Remember: sitting upright doesn’t just mean your baby is ready for a high chair; it also means they’re ready to intake solid food. If they’re too unstable, they might not be ready to take in infant cereals, meats, and mashed fruits.  

Shoulders and Posture

When it comes to posture, keep your child’s shoulders straight. Make sure that their arms can easily move without any difficulty or hindrances. With the proper posture and head position, toddlers can freely interact with and explore their environment. 

Since it is a new experience for your baby, it might take some getting used to. Slowly and gradually ease them into their new chair by getting them comfortable and familiar with it for about a week or so. 

Find out more about your baby’s transition to high chairs on this blog.

twin babies, one with a colorful polka dot fruit bib and another with a pink bear bib, eating fruits on white high chairs

6 Shopping Tips to Remember When Buying High Chairs

Shopping for a high chair can be quite a pain, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Should you buy a traditional high chair, or is a foldable one better? How do you know if a high chair is good and fitting for your baby? 

We’ve got you covered with these tips! 


Your toddler’s safety is your top priority. Keenly inspecting a high chair’s safety features is crucial in deciding which chair is best for your child. 

Most high chairs come with either three- or five-point harnesses that keep your infant from standing and accidentally slipping from the chairs. While both provide sufficient security for your child, experts advise buying a high chair with a five-point harness for maximum safety.

A high chair with a crotch post is also highly recommended. If you’re planning to buy a high chair with wheels, ensure that these wheels are lockable to prevent your child from wandering away and tipping over. Moreover, check areas where your child’s small fingers might get caught or pinched. 


As a parent, you want to give your child everything that accommodates their needs to the best of your ability. Hence, when looking for baby gear, ensure that it keeps your child safe and happy and survives the test of time.

Your toddler’s high chair must be secure and durable that lasts for at least two years. It must be steady enough to not easily tip and topple over. High chairs made from wood are more durable than plastic high chairs. These baby wooden high chairs often have good stability and last many years. 

However, while saving up and being thrifty is important, remember that quality and safety are always priceless. Don’t sell your child short by purchasing secondhand high chairs—experts advise against doing so. 


Consider the size of your chosen a high chair. We don’t want a chair that takes up most of the dining room, and we don’t want a seat that is too narrow for our child. 

Try foldable high chairs, which are easy to store. A space-saver high chair can also be clipped onto the dining room table, taking up less space. On the other hand, a portable high chair is handy and easy to carry around when you’re on the go with your baby. 


A high chair with diverse features, such as adjustable and detachable parts, can make your baby’s living easier. Other features, such as seat height adjustments, accommodate your baby’s growth and development by allowing more room for your toddler. A child grows, so it’s best to have a high chair that can “grow” with them. 

For babies a few weeks old, a reclining high chair is more suitable. While this type of chair can be used during bottle feeding, it not meant to be used for feeding toddlers solid food. 

A high chair with a footrest is also ideal. While they munch on their meals, babies can place their feet on an adjustable footrest to prevent their tiny limbs from dangling. Furthermore, high chairs with footrests encourage toddlers to develop good sitting posture. 


Another aspect to consider is your child’s comfort because they will spend most of their infant life sitting on this chair. Purchasing one with a soft and comfortable seat cushion and seat pad is better. 

Ensure that the seat pad is made of smooth material to prevent scratches and skin irritation on your toddler’s legs. Seat cushions made with airy material are also ideal to avoid excessive sweating and discomfort for your baby. Rubber and foam seat cushions and pads are recommended as they are light, soft, and much easier to clean.


It’s important to consider your infant’s high chair maintenance. Cleaning up after a messy meal can be difficult and time-consuming. While shopping for your infant’s chair, consider buying one with easily detachable parts, like an adjustable tray and upholstery, because these are much easier to clean.

Moreover, consider purchasing one that is dishwasher safe. Avoid overcomplicated high chairs with numerous nooks and crannies that may accumulate dust and dirt, as these are harder to maintain.

close up of a child holding a high chair's safety harness

Safety Tips to Remember

Once you’ve got your toddler’s high chair, things will be smooth sailing. However, even the most prepared parents can’t escape occasional mishaps. So here are some safety tips we have for you to remember just in case: 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the high chair first. It’s best to know what you’re working with before placing your child in their chair to ensure their safety.
  2. Adjust the seat height BEFORE placing your child on the chair. It may be dangerous to adjust their seat while seated, resulting in injuries. 
  3. Ensure that your child is strapped securely on their chair. You don’t want them standing and falling accidentally.
  4. Be careful where you place your baby’s high chair. If the high chair has wheels, toddlers may be able to push themselves off a surface if they’re near enough and cause accidental tumbles.
  5. Keep a keen eye on your baby. Be mindful of them while they sit on their high chairs. Although safety harnesses secure them in their seat, we can’t be too sure of their safety with how playful they can be. 

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