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Much can be said about baby care while the little ones are asleep. Even when our babies’ eyes are shut and in deep snooze, we parents still want to provide the best care.

Pillows are items of comfort and care for sleeping. So it’s only natural for us to think that these things will bring the same benefits to our babies. But we’re still on the fence because we don’t know if it’s the right time or if we know enough about it. Let Ashtonbee clear the air with some facts tidbits.

9 Baby Pillow Facts For The Caring Parents

We’ve compiled some of the most popular facts we came across while making baby pillows. Now, we’re sharing them with you in bite-size form. Check them out below.

#1: When Can a Baby Sleep With a Pillow?

The most important question all parents ask is when a baby pillow is appropriate. The minimum is at least when they’re one year old. At best, they have to be toddlers to use one. That’s because newborns and infants below 12 months old are prone to risks that make their safety with pillows unlikely.

#2: There Are More Than Two Kinds of Baby Pillows

Brands such as Ashtonbee offer at least two kinds of baby pillows: a head pillow that prevents a baby’s flat head and a toddler pillow. But there are several things a baby can use, such as the following.

  • U-shaped pillow
  • Bassinet pillow
  • lounger pillow
  • Flat-head pillow

#3: Some Baby Pillows Aren’t Always Used for Sleeping

An infant pillow isn’t exclusively used for bed or crib surfaces. It can also be used as bassinet inserts, a head padding for a car seat, strollers, and other surfaces where your little one can rest their head.

#4: Infant Pillows Are Great for Traveling

Those square-shaped or donut-shaped baby pillows are light and portable. It can be stored in a baby travel bag and be used whenever a baby needs a little nap while traveling.

#5: Baby Pillows Should Stay Out of the Washer

Your little one’s baby pillow is made of soft materials that you can easily damage if you spin it on the washer. Always hand wash these pillows and let them air dry to give them a longer life.

baby pillow - A rectangle-shaped pillow

#6: Baby Pillows Can Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

Most baby pillows are made for more than just head support. Some of them are called flat head pillows because they keep the baby’s head from suffering flat head syndrome.

While flat-head pillows are awesome, it works best if supported by other methods. Things such as improving your little one’s sleeping position work wonders too!

#7: It Can Even Out the Temperature Around Your Baby’s Head

A lot of pillows for a baby have a concave design. This effectively distributes the heat caused by prolonged contact of your baby’s head with the pillow’s fabric. As a result, they’re comfortable and sleep soundly.

#8: It Can Offer Great Head Protection

Baby pillows have a thick cushion that can be used as support against any mild head impact. It’s great for older babies and toddlers who are a little rowdy during bedtime.

#9: Different Kinds of Sleepers Require Different Pillows

Babies have three common sleep positions. They sleep on their backs, stomach, or on their sides. A typical, breathable pillow will suffice for those little ones sleeping on their backs. However, you may require a different pillow for those side sleepers.

Great Features of Ashtonbee’s Baby Pillows

Baby pillows made by Ashtonbee are made to provide safety and care for babies and toddlers. The pillow designs are a great addition to your nursery for the following reasons.

Memory Foam

When little one lays on the pillow, the foam will be shaped according to your baby’s head and will stay as it is. So, even if your little one gets up, they’ll still find the same comfortable spot on the baby pillow and continue sleeping soundly.

Double-Sided Design

The baby head pillow designed by Ashtonbee has two different textures that cater to your child’s needs. One side is a thick cushion with a soft fabric texture. The other side is a breathable mesh that prevents suffocation when your child sleeps on their stomach.

Concave Center

A concave comfortably fits your baby’s head in the middle of the baby pillow. This will prevent them from rolling their heads over to the sides. This is awesome for back sleepers to keep their head facing the right direction.

100% Cotton

Ashtonbee’s pillow is made totally of cotton to ensure utmost comfort. This material is organic and hypoallergenic, making it comfortable for your baby’s skin.

A Baby Pillow That Cares for Your Child

Before anything, ask a pediatrician if you’re unsure whether your baby is old enough to get a safe sleep with a pillow. They can advise you on what pillow suits your baby or if they can handle it to ensure their babies are safe from risks. 

Ashtonbee’s baby pillow can be a great addition to your nursery. It is meticulously designed, and the baby’s safety and comfort are kept in mind throughout the process. So if you want to provide the best care for your child, get to know our line of baby pillows and be sure to consult your doctor to ensure safety. But if you’re looking for more, check out our baby essentials collection.

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