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Parents always want their babies to be safe and protected, even while asleep. That’s why they’re ready to purchase baby products that serve such a function. But they are also so preoccupied that sometimes they don’t have enough energy to choose the right one. Often, they choose what’s readily available.

Crib bumpers are safety products that parents can roughly search online with plenty of recommendations. But are they truly safe?

They’re not. Before we get to why they aren’t, let’s explore what a crib bumper is and what’s really the safest baby product to protect your sleeping baby.

What are Baby Crib Bumper Pads?

Crib bumpers are popular when looking out for your little one’s sleep safety. They can vary in design and features, but these pads share the same characteristics.

Made of Fabric or Foam

Most baby crib bumper pads are made of fabric materials. Some of them are bulked up with foam which serves as a cushion. These are meant as soft guard rails for your baby’s crib and as protection against bumps.

It Surrounds All Sides of the Crib

When shopping around for crib bumpers, you’ll notice many products come as 4-in-1 baby crib liner bumper pads. That’s because these cover all sides of the crib and are supposed to keep your child inside the crib’s corners.

It Keeps the Baby Safe

That’s the intent, at least. Cribs are made of rails with spaces that little ones may slip through. So the role of the crib bumpers is to close the gaps and prevent the child from slipping out and falling onto the floor. This supposedly creates a protective bubble around them.

baby crib bumper pads - A crib with a bumper pad behind the railing

Is It Safe to Use Baby Crib Liner Bumper Pads?

Parents who are thinking about getting crib bumpers must be warned. Doctors and experienced parents deem baby bumper pads to exacerbate the following.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) increases when parents install crib bumpers. The foam or the fabric materials of these soft 4-in-1 baby crib liner bumper pads can cover your child’s entire face and obstruct breathing. This causes suffocation and, if left unnoticed, may cause death.

In most cases, parents do not rescue their babies from suffocating because little ones don’t make a sound when their face is buried in the foam. Unfortunately, babies also can’t help themselves out of the situation.


Fabric-made crib bumpers are soft. Their corners are held together with rope. As a result, your little one’s neck and head can become stuck in between the crib railing. In addition, the cloth bumper under your child’s neck can put enough pressure on their air pipes which causes the feeling of strangulation.

Strangulation can also be caused by crib bumper ropes. If your child manages to loosen it and play with it, their face and neck can get entangled.

Fall Injuries

Crib bumpers can become an effective tool for giving your child a boost, especially during playtime. If a bumper is installed firmly on the crib’s sides, they can plant their feet on top of the bumper, grab the railing, and hop out of the crib.

This increases the risk of falls. Because the surface outside of the crib is lower, there’s a tendency they’ll land heavily. Worse, they may stumble on the bumper while jumping over, and they can fall head first.

The Safe Sleep for Babies Act

Just recently, United States President Joe Biden signed the Safe Sleep for Babies Act. This effectively recognizes the risks of crib bumpers. In addition, a new federal law was also created and signed to prevent baby deaths linked to crib bumpers.

More importantly, this law prohibits the sale of crib bumper pads and inclined sleepers for babies. These products have been linked to more than 200 infant deaths in the past years.

baby crib bumper pads - Ashtonbee portable bed rail for babies and toddlers

Use Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail Instead

Now that using crib bumper pads are not options, how can you keep your babies safe while asleep? Ashtonbee offers a better and safer alternative—the portable bed rail .

It’s Easy to Carry

This bed rail material is lightweight because the inside is filled with air. The outer layer is also made of safe materials to ensure your toddler will be kept guarded throughout their sleep.


After using the portable bed rail, you can deflate and stuff it inside a travelling bag pocket. Take this along with other travelling baby must-haves. Alternatively, you can also use the bed rail at home and keep it inflated at all times.

Non-Slip Guard

Ashtonbee’s bed rail has a non-slip silicone backing underneath. This keeps it steady on the mattress surface. In addition, you can wrap it with a bed sheet to reinforce the grip further.

Serves as a Signal

Another amazing thing this bed rail can do is serve as a signal for your toddler. If your kid turns too far and gets to the bed’s edge, the railing will prevent them from going further. As a result, they’ll turn to the other side and move towards safety.

Recommended Use for Ashtonbee’s Bed Rails

We recommend using the bed rails when your child is at least two years old. Ideally, you’ll want this product for your toddler because using this as baby protection will require utmost supervision. As always, check your state’s laws regarding the purchase and use of bed rails to ensure you’re not violating anything.

In any case, the amazing bed rails are recommended to be used for the following reasons:

  • When you’re travelling
  • If you have large-sized beds
  • You’re co-sleeping with your child
  • If you need a temporary roll or fall stopper on the bed

Check out this bed rail guide to know when and when not to use these bed rails.

Astonbee Brings You Safe Baby Products

As advocates of baby care and safety, we make sure we give you all the information you need to keep your baby safe, whether during sleep or playtime. Most importantly, we offer the right products that will fit your baby’s needs so that you can safely care for your child with peace of mind. Learn more about what safety products are right for you and your baby on Ashtonbee.

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