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When you think of your baby, chances are your thoughts drift from the oh-so-cute little bundle to the scary visions about all the dangers out there. The outdoors can be unsafe for your baby, and as a parent, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe. You must have baby-proofed your home early on with a sliding door baby safety lock to keep your little one in. However, the outdoors is a different story. We have listed the most common dangers your little explorer can be at risk of. While the dangers seem impossible to avoid, we have also listed ways to keep your baby safe.



  1. Sunburn and heatstroke

Babies, especially those below the age of one, cannot regulate their body temperature very well. The little ones do not sweat as much as adults do, and too much sun exposure can result in a heat stroke which is extremely dangerous for them. They are also at high risk of suffering from sunburns, especially with their extra sensitive skin.

Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

Be aware of the times your baby spends outside. The best time under the sun is in the morning. 6 AM–7:30 AM is the best time for your newborn to catch some sun, while toddlers can be exposed until 10 AM. When out for a swim, make sure to apply baby sunscreen and have them in cool and proper clothing.

  1. Pools and bodies of water

Babies can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. Having pools and lakes near your home increases the risk of any water-related accidents. Adding to this risk is your little one’s excitement when they see water. To them, water means adventure as they imagine the pirate and mermaid shows they watch!

Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

Be highly vigilant whenever your baby spends time outside where bodies of water are nearby. If pools and lakes are inevitable, better train them to swim early, so they can enjoy time in the water while you get a little peace knowing they can handle it. Adding pool safety gates outside and a sliding door child lock inside would also help prevent your little one from jumping into the water without your supervision.

sliding door baby safety lock

  1. Outdoor grills

From time to time, you will want to have a barbecue in the backyard when you have friends over at your place. Grills are excellent when cooking up quick meat or veggie patties. This well-loved outdoor cooking equipment will look like a new toy to check out for your little one, especially if it is unique to their eyes.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

It is best to set up the grill far from their outdoor play area to keep your little one safe. You can also keep your baby inside your home through a baby-proof sliding door child lock and allow them to play outside only after you’ve finished grilling. Letting them know that the grill is not a toy also helps, but watching over them is still the best way to keep them away from where they are not supposed to be.

  1. Playgrounds

Playgrounds in a park, school, and residential neighborhood are not just for the recreation for your little one. It is also a place where they can learn to socialize with other children their age through play. This real-life educational experience comes with the risk of injury from falls or being accidentally hit by another playing child.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

Check the playground design to see whether it is safe for your baby’s age. When playing, it is key to a baby’s safety that the floors have soft matting or wood chips, so when they fall, they’ll land on a cushioned floor. Sandboxes under slides, monkey bars, and seesaws fulfill the same function for safety. Also, check for safety bars and infant seats in swings.

  1. Small rocks

Whether playing in a garden or by the beach, there is a high risk of your little one picking up small rocks and pebbles they might think are food! Curious children and babies explore through their mouth, especially when they have started developing their pincer grasp. Anything they pick up goes straight to their mouth—even those not for consumption, like small rocks!

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

Sitting and lying on the ground is a great way to let your little one explore. Enjoy while keeping your little one safe by laying a picnic mat on the sand by the beach or the grass if you are chilling in a garden. You can also check out some portable high chairs you can use outdoors to keep your baby away from the ground. Keep an eye on your little one and provide them with baby toys, so they won’t look for outdoor elements they are not allowed to play with.

sliding closet door child safety lock

  1. Insects and animals

With grassy paths and woodland areas in a park, your baby may be exposed to various insects and animals. Though many of these crawling creatures are harmless, not all are. Some can spread germs that lead to allergies or even dangerous infections, while others have venomous stings or bites that can harm your little one.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

The effects of insect stings and animal bites are no joke, so before going to a park and exploring, research in advance about the animals and insects common in the area. Halt the trip if it is too risky for your little one and pick a more baby-friendly spot. Pick a place where animals are safe and tame, so you and your little one can even enjoy feeding and interacting with them.

  1. Winter and cold weather

Playing outside with a scarf on a chilly day is an adventure your little one will surely enjoy. Spending time in snowy weather when everything is covered in snow, and making snowballs and snowmen are memories that they’ll cherish as they grow up.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

Just make sure that you keep them from playing outdoors for long periods during winter months. With the cold temperature and wind chill, babies are more susceptible to catching respiratory diseases, which can be dangerous. Also, make sure that they are wearing the proper winter attire if you bring them out to play for a bit. Giving them warm milk or soup after being outdoors is also a great relief from the cold.

sliding glass door child-proof lock

Sliding Door Child Safety Locks And More!

There are plenty of ways to keep your little one safe while still letting them explore. There will be times you should keep them in, so do so through a sliding glass door child-proof lock. When they are outdoors, you can use these safety tips to make sure all their memories are fun ones!

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