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Playtime is an essential part of growing up, and as parents, it’s up to you to create a safe space where your children can play. Fortunately, you can easily create a play area with a baby playpen. This enclosed area makes it easy for you to keep your kids in one place—still, it’s important to ensure their safety and comfort.

Take note, parents! We’ll share some safety tips for when your kiddos are in the playpen and some factors you need to consider when buying one.

Always Supervise Your Kids

Parents can get overly comfortable when they place their kids inside a playpen. Although they are in an enclosed space, dangers are still present. Never leaving your children unsupervised is the first and most crucial safety advice. Anything can happen if you even glance away from them for a second.

A schedule for who will care for your children should be agreed upon by you and your partner. So when one of you has chores or errands, there’s still someone to watch your kids. If you’re alone, the best practice you can do is to place the play yard in your line of sight so you can multitask as you watch your kids.

Clear the Playpen

The play space is an area of entertainment for your kids. Naturally, the playpen will house different toys your kids can play with. But remember, even their toys are a potential hazard to them. For example, stuffed toys can cause suffocation. Remove any stuffed toys that are bigger than your kids, and as much as possible, only put one inside the playpen.

Similarly, be careful of small toys in the playpen. Little kids love to play with Lego pieces, but they are a choking hazard for your kids. Purchase a toy for them that is suitable for their age. It’s a good practice to always keep the space organized to avoid any untoward incidents.

Be Cautious of Older Children and Pets

Interacting with other kids is beneficial for your baby’s social development. Sometimes, siblings will want to play together, or you arrange a playdate so they can socialize with other people. But be careful of older children playing with them. It can lead to roughhousing and injuries. Always be there to supervise over multiple children playing.

Similarly, be cautious with your pets. Although your pets may be used to the presence of humans, your kids can be overly playful, which can trigger them. No matter how gentle your pets are, never leave them alone with your kids, and it is best to bar them from entering the playpen.

Don’t Let Your Kids Stay Too Long Inside the Playpen

Keep your kids from spending all their time in their play area. Little kids need to move around for physical and cognitive development. Playpens are supposed to be temporary activity centers.

From time to time, let your kids roam around the house. It is a good way for them to learn how to stand up and take a few steps that will eventually lead to walking. Roaming around the house is also a mental exercise for your kids. Discovering how to navigate the indoors can help develop their problem-solving skills.

Don’t Install the Playpen Near Stairs, Windows, and Doors

It is always important to consider where to place your children’s playpen. Stay away from stairs, windows, doors, and fireplaces because they are potentially dangerous to your kids. They can climb on them or step outdoors without you noticing.

Commit to a safe space where you can install their playpen. It is best to place their playpens in a spacious area where they have space to move and can’t bump into furniture.

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5 Factors To Consider When Buying a Playpen

Shopping for baby gear is a tedious task. You have to ensure that the products you buy are worth the money, and that goes the same for a playpen for a baby. Different types of playpens can be found on the market, so here are some considerations to help you find the best baby playpen for your kids.

Consider Usage

Playpens are primarily used to create a safe place for your kids to play. But some parents prefer to use them indoors, while some take their playpens outdoors. Other parents take their playpens traveling, which is convenient when they bring their kids with them.

Always check the recommended installation for a playpen for babies. For example, there are play yards that can withstand outdoor elements. Even when you leave them under the sun and rain, you won’t worry about their durability. While compact folding features are vital if you want to pack your kid’s playpen for traveling.

Baby’s Height and Weight

You want to ensure that your kids can’t climb over their playpens. The best practice to ensure you can keep your kids inside is to get a playpen with the sides up to at least your kid’s chest.

Furthermore, consider the weight of your baby. Some playpens use the ground as the play area, so there’s no weight limit to worry about. But there are some models with integrated floors, and these models can only hold a certain amount of weight. Always make sure that the playpen you purchase can hold your kids no matter the activity they do. Jumping and running around in the playpen can limit the playpen’s maximum hold.


If you’re looking for a sturdy play yard, you should be discerning when it comes to the materials it’s made of. If you want to prioritize durability, there are playpens made from wood. These types of playpens are usually walls, so you can create an enclosed space for your kids while you use the ground as the play area.

If you want playpens with integrated floors that you can transform into a travel crib, look for ones with mesh sides. These sides will provide good airflow and ventilation to keep your kids comfortable. This material is also soft compared to wood, so it won’t bruise your kids when they bump into it.

Playpen Attachments

If you want to make the most out of your purchase, look for add-ons to your kid’s playpen. Here are some attachments you may want to consider.

  • Toys like hanging mobiles, integrated sounds, lights, or anything that can entertain your kids when you place them inside the play yard.
  • Wheel attachments so you can move the playpen from place to place easily.
  • Bassinet attachments for infants.
  • A mattress that can also be used for sleep or to add comfort when your kids crawl or play inside the playpen.

Ease of Cleaning

You will always have to clean up after your kids. So to make it more convenient for you, find a playpen that’s easy to clean. There are waterproof models that you can wipe clean in the event of your kid spilling food or making a mess.

It’s also helpful to consider how easily you can assemble and disassemble the playpen. Taking the playpen apart conveniently is helpful when you want to do a deep cleaning. Furthermore, if you have a small space, you can store it easily when not in use.

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Ashtonbee’s Playpen Activity Center for Kids

When it comes to high-quality baby essentials, Ashtonbee has a wide collection— including playpens. Here are some of the great features you can enjoy with Ashtonbee’s playpen for kids.

  • The playpen provides a safe area for your kids to play and learn how to crawl, stand, and walk.
  • It has adjustable side panels so you can customize how big of a space you want their play area to be, and it has a rubber bottom to keep the panels in place.
  • The playpen has attachments such as interactive shapes for kids to play with and vibrant side panels to keep them stimulated.
  • This product is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is easy to assemble.

Create a safe space for your kids with a playpen. We hope these safety tips and considerations help you with their play area. If you need more baby essentials, browse our collection. Shop at Ashtonbee today!

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