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Parenthood means countless things to think about for your little one. It all comes down to creating a shopping list that includes all the necessities for a baby, including bath basics, diaper essentials, a nursery, and clothing.

Along with the mentioned baby products, feeding items such as high chairs for babies will help you get through the early years. The primary concern here is that most parents don’t consider important criteria when purchasing high chairs. Instead, they simply buy the first chair that catches their eye.

In this blog post, we gathered six factors to help you choose the best high chair for your child. This way, you’ll see your baby happy and unbothered in their seat.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Comfortable

You’ll see signs if your baby is uncomfortable with their high chair. They may start leaning forward, throwing tantrums, or forcing themselves out of the chair. This routine puts a lot of tension on the neck and back, leading to fatigue over time. 

Comfort is key for both baby and parent during feeding time. Let’s go through some tips for selecting the ideal infant high chair.

  • Choose one with a broad base and sturdy legs. This will help the chair avoid tilting and provide plenty of area for your infant to move around.
  • Ensure the seat is comfortable and padded so the baby can stay seated without fuss. 
  • The height should be adjustable so your child can achieve the right fit.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Safe

Parents often question the safety of high chairs since most toddlers love to stand up in the chair or climb out without proper security. But, believe it or not, toddler high chairs are safe! Parents only need to be aware of these safety precautions:

  • Inspect if the high chair is properly assembled. All bolts and screws should be tight. No sharp edges that could harm a baby should also be present.
  • Look for a baby high chair with adjustable straps so your baby will always be snug and secure when seated. 
  • In no circumstances should you leave your child alone in a high chair. Even if they seem content and safe, it only takes a moment for them to topple over or get their fingers caught in the straps. 
  • Never place the baby in a high chair without the removable tray. The tray will prevent them from dumping their food on the floor or pulling themselves up and out of the chair. 

Following these simple safety guidelines, parents can rest assured that their babies are unharmed in their high chairs.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Versatile

Some parents love playing with their infants and others think cuddling and keeping their baby near is the best way to feel connected. Because of this, a toddler high chair is one effective way to encourage bonding at home.

The best high chair encourages children to sit up and observe what is happening around them. They can watch their parents prepare meals, clean the house, or wash the dishes. It’s also possible to sit down together for meals and interact.

Other high chairs even have features like a tray that your babies can use for crafts or playtime. Simply strap your little one in and let them go to town with paint, crayons, or whatever else strikes their fancy.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Easy To Clean

Baby’s mealtimes are messy affairs. Food will eventually spill over the floor, get on the walls, and even on the high chair itself. 

To prevent this from happening:

  1. Purchase smooth, wipeable surfaces that you can quickly clean with a damp cloth.
  2. Look for a high chair with removable tray liners to toss in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.
  3. Check if there are nooks and crannies where food can get stuck to reach them easily with a brush or sponge.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Easy To Set Up

Look for a high chair that you can build and adjust without using tools. After all, you don’t want to be fumbling with finicky installation. In-person testing is recommended to determine how simple the assembly is. Likewise, dismantling it should be straightforward if you need to take it apart.

A Baby High Chair Should Be Durable

Most toddler chairs have durable materials and strong joints to sustain years of use. But before that, it is usually a good idea to check the guarantee and customer reviews before making a purchase. This idea will ensure that your baby’s chair will last as long as necessary, and you might even pass it down as heirlooms from one baby to the next.

Ashtonbee Has Got Your Baby’s Back

wooden high chair for babies and toddlers


The wooden high chair from Ashtonbee provides the practical necessities you need for your child’s convenience. It also has several advantageous qualities that make it a great addition to infant gear.

The large seat and adjustable footrest make it comfortable for your toddler to sit in and prevent the tired feeling that comes with long periods of sitting. The legs are constructed from beech wood to give your child a secure foundation. Its design has a lovely natural finish, making it look more uncluttered and calming.

The safety harness secures your kid, while the high back and sides offer additional support. Moreover, this chair costs $159.99—truly an affordable investment for your child.

But the best thing about this high wooden chair is the adjustable height feature because it allows your kid to use the high chair from their baby’s earliest months through their toddler years.

Final Thoughts

At Ashtonbee, we want to take the stress out of parenting and make your life easier. With our list of “should be” tips and the perfect high chair for babies, you can feel confident that you’re making the best decision possible for your child.

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable information on baby gear, shop Ashtonbee today. We have everything you need and more!

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