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Welcoming a new life into the world is one of life’s greatest moments. For parents-to-be, this can be one of the happiest, busiest, tiring, and yet rewarding chapters of their lives. Raising a child requires a lot of patience, understanding, and of course, tons and tons of baby essentials. So if you have a friend or are expecting, the best thing to get is something a newborn can use. 

In this blog post, we’ll list down some of the perfect presents for new parents. So take note of these items and make sure to get one for the mommies and daddies to be! 

8 Gift Ideas for First-Time Parents 

There are tons of baby essentials available in the marketplace. Shopping for babies and their parents can be exciting, especially when looking at all the cute and colorful designs. But before you splurge on vibrant baby stuff, make sure they’re worth the money and will come in handy for the baby. With that in mind, here are the baby gifts worth giving. 

  • Portable Diaper Changing Bag

One of the biggest problems of parents when they go out with their kids is the lack of baby-friendly restrooms. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see a public restroom with a baby changing area and even more rare for them to be in male public restrooms. That’s why a portable changing diaper bag is perfect for parents who bring their little ones on their travels and errands. 

These portable bags are multipurpose. Its big space can store multiple diapers and other baby essentials like clothes, bottles, and toys. Moreover, you can expand these bags to make a mini-bed where you can change and clean your newborns. Some portable changing bags even include pillows, so you can also use this as a bed when your babies need a nap. 

  • Baby Shusher Machine

This baby shusher machine is one of the unique baby gifts for parents that they didn’t know they needed. This machine is the holy grail for a baby’s good night’s sleep. For new parents, it can be frustrating to learn a kid’s sleeping patterns, and it takes a lot of technique and patience to put them to sleep. 

A baby shusher machine is a tool that produces white noise which is naturally relaxing for babies and stimulates a sleepy feeling. This machine was developed by parenting expert Dr. Harvey Karp, and the rhythmic shushing sounds that the machine produces are tried and tested. This machine will surely be of great help to first-time parents. 

  • Multipurpose baby high chair

Most baby high chairs we know of are used for eating and playing. But there are baby high chairs that support the on-the-go lifestyles of babies and parents. In addition, these baby high chair brands are portable, lightweight, and compact. So parents can easily store this in their travel bags without too much space. 

These on-the-go portable high chairs have BPA-free feeding trays that babies can use for playing and eating. All the things they need in one chair. Furthermore, the fabric is designed for easy cleaning, which is convenient for parents. 

  • Baby food maker

Another challenge for parents is to learn what their kids like when it comes to food. Mixing and matching several fruits and vegetables is a good way to figure out which foods your kids enjoy. 

Baby food makers are kitchen essentials if you have a little one to feed. These baby food makers can make purees and smoothies in less than fifteen minutes. Parents can make them in bulk and store them for snack time or pull the machine out for a quick and easy meal.

  • Sleep bassinet

The continuous development of technology contributes a lot to making parenting easier. If you want to splurge for your coming niece or nephew, getting them a sleep bassinet will give them a comfortable sleep and aid their parents. Hi-tech sleep bassinets have automatic rocking motions that help keep newborns asleep. 

Furthermore, they also offer different types of rocking motions so parents can find one the baby likes. Other brands also have built-in white noise machines for a total sleeping package. These sleeping bassinets will be a great help for parents-to-be.

  • Postpartum care set

Childbirth is rewarding but it’s also extremely tiring. Women go through big changes in such a short period of time, and it can be overwhelming. Giving them postpartum care kits will surely help them recover physically and ease them emotionally and mentally. 

There are care kits that include herbal calming teas, salts for relaxing bath times, and supplements that help recovery and de-stressing. You can also throw in coffee beans and snacks because we all know every tired parent needs a coffee break to keep them going. 

  • Interactive play mat

Little kids are naturally curious. They will try to reach and touch everything they see around them. You have to keep kids busy, so they won’t make a fuss and cry, which could ruin the entire day. Interactive play mats are perfect gifts to keep kids busy and active. It’s also easy to find toys like these in the marketplace. 

This is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained for long periods. Some interactive mats have a confined area so you can do your chores without worrying your kids will wander around the house. We recommend getting pay mats with vibrant colors to stimulate your child’s sensory development. 

If you’re planning to get one as a gift, get one with interactive mobiles. These cute hanging toy animals and shapes will surely keep kids distracted for some time allowing parents to rest. 

  • Baby book

We are in the digital age. Everything, from photos and files, is stored on the computer. Printing pictures and making letters for keepsakes are rare, but appreciated. Get parents-to-be a baby book so they can create memories with their little ones. 

There are also baby books that keep track of achievements like first words or first haircuts. This will surely make moments between parents and babies more memorable. 

Aside from baby books, think about getting babies books as well. Reading to infants greatly benefits the relationship between the parents and child. Even if little kids don’t fully understand the stories yet, spending time with them are precious moments. 

If you are planning to buy a book for your niece or nephew, there are modern books with built-in storyteller machines and lights. Little kids will love this educational toy. 

baby essentials 

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Final Thoughts 

When it comes to giving gifts to parents and parents-to-be, some considerations are laid on the table. Don’t settle for colorful and beautiful designs. Functional, educational, and reliable baby essentials will make parenting easier for your recipients. We hope these gift ideas help you decide on what to shop for. 

If you’re an expecting parent, don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for more in-depth reviews of baby products you can trust. Happy parenting!

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