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Parenting includes giving a preschooler every opportunity for exploration and learning that they can get. And as their guardian, you also want to make sure that they are safe and secure while doing so. That’s why the idea of setting up a playpen for kids in your home that mimics a toddler playschool is music to the ears. It can give them a space to satisfy their curious minds while keeping them safe, just like a real preschool or daycare center. But figuring out what you need to set one up can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. So we’ve put together this list of toddler must-haves and must-knows to help get you started!



Play Pen for Kids: A List of Must-Haves

Create a space in the comforts of your home where your little one can learn through a playpen filled with toddler-friendly learning tools. When your friends who also have babies visit your home, the playpen becomes a full-bloom mini playschool. Allow the little ones to learn, have fun, and socialize with these must-haves in your playpen.

Little tables and chairs

Little tables and chairs may not be as functional for adults, but these are a dream come true for your little ones. Curious tots would love to try sitting upright on chairs, doing activities on their mini desks exactly as their mommies and daddies do! These baby furnishings are also great introductions to studying, dining, and socializing, so your little ones can easily transition into the later developmental stages in their childhood.

Playpen toddler beds

Pick a toddler playpen bed with enticing designs: camping tents, a princess bed with drapings, a dome, or a little house. Naptime is a part of the playschool routine, and it’ll be easy to bring your little one to bed if you have beautiful beds.

Eye-level bookshelves for kids

Encourage your baby to grab books and browse through the pages early in their lives by having bookshelves at their eye level. Place their toys on these shelves too. Designing shelves at this level helps develop their independence and confidence to grab anything they want without adult help.

Stories with values

Make sure that the books on the shelves contain great stories that kids can easily picture and understand. When choosing books, pick colorful ones to attract your little one’s attention and those with fun plots and good moral lessons to pick up. The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or The Tortoise and the Hare are some great ones you can include.

Sand, clay, and things of texture

Toddlers are like sponges that absorb knowledge, and textures are a great way to introduce them to their surroundings. Help them differentiate soft, hard, sticky, heavy, light, gritty, or coarse through sand, clay, slime, and more! Just make sure to assist them as they like putting things in their mouth at this stage.

Unconventional painting tools

The little ones love to paint and get their hands messy with color. But as a parent, twist it for excitement by adding unconventional ways to paint. For instance, use sponges, strings, mini car tires, leaves, flowers, and even their own little fingers as brushes. You’ll surely love all the fun and unique patterns created by your little Picasso. Just make sure to pick non-toxic paints, crayons, and other art materials to ensure their safety.

Lots of pictures and colors

Toddlers are visually curious. They learn a lot from images, so make sure to surround your playpen with images that communicate messages on family, friends, community, animals, and nature. The images will speak for themselves of the value of caring for the people and things around them.

playpen toddler beds

A List of Must-Knows

Your playpen is now complete with everything needed for your little one to have fun and learn. Here are a few more tips and reminders to ensure that you make the most of your playpen. And if it is your goal to mimic a play school, here is a list of must-knows.

Learning and fun

Remember that all items should serve a fun and learning purpose. They may seem decorative at first, but whenever you pick items for your playpen, make sure that the space they occupy is worth it. As the parent, you’ll also be their first teacher, and you’ll play a huge part in making the playpen experience fun!

Balanced indoor and outdoor time

While you keep your little one safe indoors through a well-executed playpen, make sure to include outdoor playtime as a part of their routine. While there are plenty of concepts to learn indoors, the outdoors offer a unique set of learnings. Introduce them to new textures, words, and learning activities to work their bones and muscles out and expand their knowledge.

Socialization matters

Now and then, invite other toddlers of your family and friends into your home to utilize the leveled-up playpen. Let the little ones enjoy the designs and activities you’ve prepared. This is also a chance for the them to socialize, learn how to share, develop their confidence, and express their emotions to others.

Safety first

Finally, since toddlers aren’t aware of their surroundings yet, it is the grown-ups’ responsibility to ensure their safety. Ensure your playpen has soft play mats to catch them when they fall. Adding playpen rails also ensures they will not roam around without adult supervision. Baby proof the shelves, tables, and chairs inside the playpen too.

Get Everything You Need From Ashtonbee

As a parent, it’s important to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child to play in. A playpen is a perfect way to do that. The best part is that you can set it up at home to monitor your kids. You can also save some costs from daycare enrollment fees.

When you’re ready to set up your playpen for kids, be sure to get everything you need from Ashtonbee. We have a wide selection of toddler playschool furniture and accessories that will make your child’s playtime both enjoyable and educational. Our team is dedicated to providing safe and fun products that help children learn and grow, so you can rest assured knowing that your child is in good hands. Have questions about any of our products? Get in touch; we would be happy to help!

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