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Watching children explore their surroundings to search for knowledge and build their perspective of the world is truly a wonder to behold. Unfortunately, there are dangers lurking in the nooks and crannies inside our place. That’s why creating a safe and explorable environment for the kids is much-needed for parents and guardians.

Electrical outlets, in particular, present a serious risk to children. It only takes one careless move for them to hurt themselves. But you can protect your little ones from these unsettling parts of your house. Ashtonbee is here to inform you about childproofing your home and finding a convenient tool for electricity-related hazards. Let us get started!


4 Significant Risks of Uncovered Outlets for Children

No matter how vigilant you are with security, there are still some electrical risks waiting at home for curious babies, often with devastating effects. Here are four dangers parents should watch out for:

#1: Electric Shock

Electric shock is the most well-known danger of uncovered wall outlets for children. It occurs when there is a disparity in electrical potential. When the child comes into contact with or inserts small objects on the outlet, the electricity will easily flow along their body.

The physical pain of being shocked can damage their delicate organs and muscles. Even worse, electric shock can stop a child’s heart and lead to death. Therefore, if your child has been electrocuted, look for symptoms like:

  • Involuntary muscle contractions.
  • Burning odors from an unused outlet or device.
  • Obvious burns on their skin.

#2: Electrical Burns

No place is too secure for toddlers who are getting nosy about their vicinity. Far too often, one crucial thing gets neglected—electrical outlets. These home fixtures can become an unknowing hazard, leading to the threat of extensive electrical burns.

Consider that every electrical socket in your home can deliver up to 240 volts. If a baby pokes something into an electrical socket, they could subsequently get into contact with a live current running through the walls and burn themselves. Take note: even the slightest electric current can cause second and third-degree burns.

#3: Fire Hazard

With all the power our devices need, exposed sockets have become a big part of everyday life. But we don’t realize that ungoverned electricity can be unsafe and even create costly problems. From major disasters to minor blunders, exposed sockets can lead to various safety concerns, including fire hazards.

Even if no kids are sticking pins in the outlet, someone else in the room could accidentally do so. For example, let’s say there is a small metal tossed into furniture cushions. This would effectively create a current between the outlet and any connecting material nearby.

#4: Harmful Substances 

Homes are full of hidden dangers, and we must keep an eye out for them. Risk-free living starts with securing open electrical outlets. Dust and other debris can settle inside the outlets, and that dust can contain toxic chemicals from the electricity. 

Over time, those chemicals can build up and cause health problems like asthma flare-ups or allergies.

Why Parents Shouldn’t Ignore Outlet Plug Covers

Crazy little kid playing with an electric socket

More than 2,400 children are treated in hospitals each year for injuries related to electrical outlets. Therefore, parents must understand the risk for kids and how to take preventive measures against them.

Outlet covers are basic child-proof tools to protect against electrical hazards. It may seem unimportant, but it offers many advantages for families with snoopy, adventurous children at home. Here are some:

#1: Protective Layer

Given the risks mentioned earlier, outlet covers shield your little ones against electricity-related accidents. Its protective barrier helps keep inquisitive hands away from the electrical sockets. 

This ensures that young children will not be able to stick anything they should not in an outlet, which could otherwise be dangerous if left unchecked.

#2: Peace of Mind

It is challenging to have peace of mind when you are a parent. You can’t keep track of everything. Naturally, there is also the tension that comes with keeping your child protected.

Installing outlet covers gives moms and dads one less thing to worry about in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Once the covers are installed, your child is safe from harm.

#3: Added Protection for Wet Areas

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Sadly, even a small amount of water can cause a serious shock and, in some cases, electrocution. 

Therefore, a covered outlet is incredibly important, especially in areas with a higher risk of water exposure. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are prime locations where an outlet cover can improve protection and protect your kids from accidents.

#4: Passive Fire Prevention

Most people don’t think about outlet covers very often, but they are one of the most basic forms of fire prevention available. The theory behind their design is simple yet effective—it restricts access to live electricity through outlets so that fires won’t ignite from accidental contact with electricity.

This child-proof plug protector stops sparks from igniting other materials nearby, like furniture, curtains, or laundry, which could instantly catch fire. Thanks to this baby-proof equipment, parents can relax knowing that any outlet plugs cannot harm their little ones in their homes.

Why Electric Plug Covers Are an Excellent Addition to Your Home

Ashtonbee Electrical Outlet Covers

When you have got a baby or toddler in the house, being extra diligent about their safety is necessary. They are at that age where they are just discovering their world and burning with curiosity. So sticking their fingers or other objects into outlets is a common occurrence.

Electric plug covers can stave off your child from harming themselves. They are an invaluable part of your safety plan. These nifty little devices fit over your outlets and prevent little fingers from getting into danger. Put simply, there is no excuse not to have them in your home. Below are some features you will certainly love:

Budget Friendly

Kids can easily pull off the cheap adhesive tape used in covering the electric sockets, which is a risky business for you. On the other hand, high-quality electrical plug covers are inexpensive yet easy-to-use safety solutions. They can effectively guard your child’s fingers against the dangers of exposed electrical outlets.

Hassle-Free Installation

Electric plug covers are easy to install. Simply snap them into place, and you are done— no muss, no fuss, and most importantly, no risk of shock or electrocution. Having safety outlet covers at home is a brilliant option for occupied parents who do not have time to fiddle with complex installations.


Outlet plug protectors can stand up to the roughest handling without damage or plastic fatigue. They are built of harder materials that are less prone to wear or shatter. As a result, they are an excellent choice for homes with kids or pets who could interfere with electrical outlets.

Repels Insects and Pests

Electric plug covers serve an important purpose—they reduce the chance of electric shock and damage. But did you know that they also aid in repelling pests and insects damaging your socket? Insects and other pests can harm the wiring and lead to problems if they get into an outlet. Luckily, these covers block out bugs and other pests, protecting your outlets from harm.


Once outlet covers are installed, you can forget them until they are needed again. This contrasts with other products that require regular upkeep. Outlet covers don’t need any of that—leave them in place, and they will do their job. It is one less thing to worry about in your busy life!

Find the Best Outlet Blockers at Ashtonbee!

At Ashtonbee, even the smallest actions can substantially impact a family’s quality of life. For this reason, we have gone to drastic lengths to include outlet blockers in our baby must-have collection.

Our top-of-the-line outlet blockers are designed to maximize safety and convenience for babies. Every set of outlet blockers comes with two child-safe caps that fit snugly over unprotected outlets to keep kids from playing them. And because we know that peace of mind is priceless, we have made them available at an affordable price! 

Ashtonbee outlet blockers make safety simple and easy, so shop now and find the perfect set of electrical protections today!

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