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Baby items can be expensive. That’s why parents working hard for money while caring for their babies are always on the fence about purchasing stuff. Every decision must be filtered with the question, “is this necessary?”

So you may be thinking a convertible baby high chair isn’t needed. Perhaps your child is doing fine bottle-feeding from the crib or on your lap. Plus, you’ve gotten used to feeding your baby this way. So why spend money on the best high chair if you’re happy? 

Let Ashtonbee give you the reasons why.

For Safety Reasons

Safety is the first reason you must buy a baby high chair. That’s because feeding your baby on your lap can be risky, whether they are sitting or lying prone. Your little one may choke, or they may fall on your lap while you’re feeding them.

A highchair keeps them properly seated with their torso and body in a vertical position. This makes feeding safe. With a baby high chair, your little one is steadily in place, thus reducing the risk of falling.

To Give You Convenience

A toddler chair has tall legs that help elevate your baby’s seating position. It’s easier for you to reach for your baby or put them in the high chair.

One great thing about the best high chair design is the removable tray. This also makes it easier for parents to leave them unsupervised while tucked in the high chair seat. In addition, the tray acts as a barrier that keeps the baby steady while you go to the kitchen to cook dinner or prepare the next food.

To Manage Baby Mess During Mealtime

Another issue that arises when parents feed their little ones is the mess. During mealtime, they can seat the toddler on the floor or an adult chair facing the table. However, when parents serve the food, the little one plays with it, and the child leaves a mess all over the place.

A high chair with a play table helps manage babies and their mealtime playfulness tendencies. It helps distract the baby while it keeps the food in one place. As a result, if a mess is made, it concentrates only on the baby high chair’s seat pad and tray for easy cleaning.

To Develop the Baby’s Eating Routine

You may wonder why you must develop your baby’s eating schedule. This is because you want them to join the dining table when you (and the family) eat. Synchronizing your child’s eating times by developing their meal routine saves you time and effort.

When you have a clean high chair ready at the dining table, it’s easier to pop your baby in the seat pad and prepare them for a meal. Doing this multiple times gets your child accustomed to the routine. Eventually, you’ll only have a hungry baby only during meal times.

Train Your Baby to Eat Solid Foods

It’s challenging to wean your baby from the milk bottle if you keep feeding them on your lap or breastfeeding them. That’s what a toddler chair is for: they help put your baby in the best position so you can train them to eat solid food.

Babies and toddlers are also easier to train if they sit still. This is because they have more opportunities to help themselves with a serving of food. Compare this to when your child sits or lays prone on your lap or skip hop and run when they’re supposed to eat.

A Convertible Infant High Chair Has Plenty of Uses

Buying a convertible high chair is a practical choice for parents because you can customize it according to your child’s age. In addition, most portable high chair designs are rigid, meaning they stay the same, so your child will outgrow them fast.

A convertible can adapt to every stage of your child’s development. Babies can learn to sit early, all you need to do is move parts around, and you’ll have an infant high chair. When your baby grows to a toddler, you can adjust the height of the chair’s legs, remove the footrest, and turn it into a toddler chair.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Convertible High Chair

A highchair’s benefit to parents and babies is too good to pass up. Getting one will make life a lot easier. But while you can buy any junior chair you can get your hands on, it’s always better to know several things about a convertible high chair. That way, you and your baby can have the best experience possible.

The Price

The first thing you must consider is the price. But not just how much a high chair costs or whether you can afford it. You must consider if the price you will pay is worth the value you will receive.

You must always go for the high price, high-quality baby items. But what if you’re on a budget? As a rule, it’s best to choose mid-range high chairs instead of low-priced ones. That’s because the quality and features you’ll get from a mid-range chair will give a better experience.

Always be on the lookout for sales discounts. That’s the only time you’ll get a top-quality chair at a low price.

Baby’s Age

Technically, you can buy a convertible wooden high chair no matter your baby’s age. But they may not be as receptive to it in the early stages. For example, a three-month-old baby may prefer to lie in the crib than sit, so it’s best to know at what age you need to get a high chair.

6 to 12 months is the ideal age range for a convertible wooden high chair. During this time, your baby turns into a toddler. They’re more inclined to move about and play and always put things in their mouths. Thus, this is the perfect time to purchase a high chair for toddlers.


This factor is important when shopping around for the best portable high chair. The product must be able to endure your child’s playfulness. This can be the case, especially if they’re in the adaptation phase, where they’ll try to get out of the chair or tip it over.

The best portable high chair must be made of durable materials such as beech tree wood and polypropylene material and are designed to keep the chair firmly in place and withstand at least double the baby’s weight.

A Convertible High Chair Is Necessary for a More Convenient Life

It isn’t easy to be a parent with a toddler (or toddlers) to care for. They get playful and rowdy, and you have to worry about their safety and care for them on top of your adult responsibilities.

Given this tough situation, anything that brings convenience to a parent that doesn’t harm the child is necessary. That’s why getting a convertible high chair is a must. Every parent will have it at some point in their parenting life.

But having the best portable high chair is another matter. So if you want the best chair, you can browse our website. But if you want to see more, then check out our collection of baby essentials.

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