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Being a new mom is no easy feat, but it can be easier with the right gifts. Most moms receive cute outfits or colorful trinkets for themselves and their babies. But nothing is better than items that bring beauty into a mother’s home and serve an important purpose. The good news is that plenty of incredible gifts do just that. 

But what do you get a newborn’s mother? What is a good gift to give to a new mother?

We will feature various useful gifts that both a first-time mom and her little one can enjoy. From mom and baby playtime needs, mealtime must-haves, baby safety supplies, and trinkets first-time moms will love—all the best ideas for welcoming home firstborns are covered here!

Basic Baby Supplies

You probably thought of a baby’s basic needs as gifts. However, if diapers, baby wipes, shampoos, and soaps are on your list, it is better to cross them out. 

This is because babies have sensitive skin, so some mothers will not risk using other brands for these items. But you can still be a part of this new mom’s journey by giving these practical baby supply gifts. 

Baby Changing Pad

Since you cannot give diapers, you can still make diaper changing easier by giving a changing pad. First-time moms can change their babies anywhere inside the house with portable pads. They can avoid washing sheets often because of poop or pee stains. 

If you have a travel-loving family, a foldable and portable mini-changing mat would be best. These changing pads can be folded, tucked in a traveling bag, and set up conveniently later. There are also designs with diapers and changing supplies pouches for mommy convenience.

Baby Bag

First-time mothers are transitioning from carrying posh and trendy bags to diaper bags filled with their baby’s needs. Ease their postpartum adjustment by giving them a functional but stylish baby bag.

You can give them either plain baby bags or fashionable prints of pastel hues or cartoon characters. Whichever they choose, make sure the bag has enough compartments for diapers, baby bottles, clothes, milk, snacks, changing pad, and mom’s valuables.

Tongue Cleaners

New moms have a lot to learn and discover, and some tasks may seem impossible or scary at first, like cleaning their baby’s mouth and tongue. These first-time moms are probably thinking about how they can fit a finger in their baby’s tiny mouth. With that, give them tongue and mouth cleaners. 

You’ll find different designs in your search. Pick the classic finger toothbrush or the gauze buds for younger babies. There are also tongue and mouth cleaners with longer handles and a head that can scrape off tongue dirt for the older ones. 

presents for new moms

Feeding Supplies

Meanwhile, if the baby is already eating, feeding supplies will be a great gift. Help new moms give nourishment to their little ones while ensuring they do not have a huge mess to clean up after mealtimes through these thoughtful gift ideas.

Baby Bibs

The best feeding bibs should have a non-toxic silicone material, so they won’t absorb stains and can easily be cleaned. They should also have an adjustable lock to ensure they fit well into your baby’s neck and ensure their comfy clothes won’t be soiled with food nibbles. 

Bibs with food catchers will also be helpful for babies who haven’t developed their motor skills yet. 

Cups, Bowls, Spoon, and Fork

You can level up their kitchen with innovative baby utensils, such as bamboo-made spoons, forks, bowls, and cups. Also, go for age-appropriate sippy cups. Younger babies will love cups with nipples, while the older ones will appreciate straw or no-spill cups.

On the other hand, bowls with suctions will require less cleaning time because they won’t easily throw off your baby’s food. Adjustable spoons and forks will also make it easy for babies to scoop and eat without bending their wrists.

Baby High Chairs

Do you often go to your new mom, friend, or relative’s house for lunch or dinner? Be supportive and make their babies enjoy mealtimes with you by giving them a high chair!

If you wanna go the extra mile, choose a foldable high chair that moms can conveniently fold and put away when it is time to clean the dining area. Since a foldable chair is portable, it’s easy for mommies to bring them anywhere—whether it’s traveling or eating out.

Safety Supplies

New moms are naturally overthinkers, especially for their baby’s safety. They are protective of their babies who are entirely dependent on them. Support their maternal instinct with these baby safety supplies to give them peace of mind!

Baby Proofing Supplies

Once a new baby arrives, a mother spies on every dangerous corner. These gifts will help them baby-proof every corner of their house:

  • Corner guards: These protect babies from getting hurt when bumping into furniture edges
  • Outlet blockers: These keep babies from electrocution dangers.
  • Tip straps: These keep furnishings sturdily standing for babies who like to climb.
  • Baby gates: These prevent babies from going into stairs and areas that are unsafe.
  • Drawer locks: These keep utensils, chemicals, and supplies locked away inside drawers and out of the baby’s reach.
  • Sliding door locks: These keep babies from accidentally opening doors and prevent them from going outside.
  • Bed rails: These keep babies safe by protecting them from accidental falls.

Play Mat and Play Pen

Babies are all about play, especially as they grow. Encourage playtime with a playmat and playpen that can keep them safe while playing, even when they fall. Meanwhile, moms can do daily chores or relax while their little one is inside a safe playing space.

Knee-High Socks

Baby’s knees are prone to cuts and bruises when they crawl without any protection, so super soft knee-high baby socks will be extremely helpful.

You can also pick knee-high cozy socks with fashionable designs for moms who like dressing up their babies. Many baby knee-high socks with cute patterns can pair with cute baby clothing.

What is a good gift to give to a new mother

Gifts For Moms

Aside from the lovely treats for the baby, postpartum moms will truly appreciate it when you give them something they can use for themselves. You’ll have plenty of choices, like maternity leggings, a machine-washable nursing bra, a weighted blanket, and more. These are all great, but our suggestions below are highly-functional. 

Good Reads, Journals, and Feel-Good Movies

When moms are in a good state of mind, they can care for their babies better. Giving them books and movies can uplift their mood or educate them as new parents.

You can also encourage mothers to self-reflect, increase mindfulness, and practice self-care by giving them journals. Having a journal ready when they have bursts of strong emotions during their postpartum helps with their recovery.

DIY Spa Supplies

A spa would be a great idea for an exhausted mom, but not every mom can leave even for a few hours with a baby dependent on them. But this does not mean a self-care relaxing spa is crossed out from the gift ideas you can give. 

Gift them the following supplies so they can do it at home!

  • Bath salts and body scrubs
  • Various relaxing essential oils
  • Body oil
  • Face and eye masks
  • Scented candles
  • Scalp and hair serum to address postpartum hair loss
  • Posh bath robes and headbands
  • Eye and face rollers
  • Bump Kit (Honest beauty brand if you like!)

Mom Nutrition Pack

Giving presents for new moms that ensure proper nutrition shows how much you care for them. A perfect gift can be as simple as a water bottle tracker to remind them to stay hydrated. A flask is a good idea because it keeps drinks hot or cold to make sure mommies can still drink liquids at the perfect temperature they want, no matter how busy they are. 

You can also go the extra mile by giving a game-changer kitchen appliance like a pressure cooker that does a lot of cooking tasks for meal preparation.

Gifts For New Moms From Ashtonbee

Giving a first-time mom a great gift involves understanding their individual needs as well as practicality when it comes to products. Whether it’s basics like baby changing pads and bibs, safety items like play mats and playpens, or something just for themselves like books, nothing fits this special occasion better than thoughtful gifts.

With Ashtonbee’s quality baby products, you can create the perfect bundle guaranteed to bring a smile to new moms. Make this motherhood journey an even more amazing experience with gifts she can use daily with her little bundle of joy!

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