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You may have already thought about getting a high chair for your baby. But you may be putting it off. Maybe because you think your toddler’s too little for it, or you think they’re not ready for it.

But getting a high chair sooner rather than later will help you reap the benefits it brings to your home. Let Ashtonbee show you a few of them.

Include Your Little One to the Table

A wooden high chair can make your child feel included. Most families have a tradition of eating together during meal times. So it’s wonderful for parents (and siblings) to have the little one in the family join the moment.

Keeps Them in One Place

We know our kids get rowdy and playful as they grow. We let them be that way because it’s part of their growth. But in the dining room, where everything must be in order, we’ll need to manage their energy or risk having a bad dining experience. A high chair keeps them steadily in place, so they can focus on eating.

Help Them Learn How to Feed Themselves

In the dining room, a high chair is a tool to help a child learn how to self-feed. So you put a bowl with a spoon on the high chair’s tray and let your kid discover how to eat.

wooden high chair - Beech tree wood legs and white polypropylene plastic seat

Here’s Why Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair Is Your Best Choice

Ashtonbee is a brand committed to making a difference in your family. Their products focus on the family member that needs the most love and care while they develop—the child. Their wooden high chair is designed to give utmost care and comfort to your little ones while keeping them safe. It is the best high chair any parent can choose for their child’s sake.

Food-Grade Durable Material

This high wooden chair’s seat and tray is made with food-grade polypropylene material. It’s fatigue resistant, so your child can move around or bang their arm on the wooden high chair’s plastic tray without breaking it.

Beech Tree Chair Legs

Ashtonbee’s baby high chair’s leg is made of beech tree wood. It has high-impact force resistance and enough durability to carry your child’s weight without easily breaking. 

What’s good about solid wood is it’s also shock-absorbing. So while the polypropylene supports your child’s body and arm movement, the wooden leg keeps them stable so they don’t tip over after a sudden strong movement.

Safety Harness

Those little toddlers tend to slide out of the wooden high chair when they get rowdy. That’s why Ashtonbee included a safety harness on their baby high chair to keep them in their seat while eating.

You can customize this adjustable safety strap according to your child’s comfort. Plus, it can also be removed if your child no longer needs it and prefers the feel of the plain chair instead.

Adjustable Footrest

It feels awkward for toddlers to have their little toes suspended on the baby high chair. Instead, they’ll want to swing it back and forth or try to touch the ground with it.

To solve this, Ashtonbee included an adjustable footrest on the wooden high chair’s legs. This footrest can be adjusted in seven levels to cater to your toddler’s height. This way, they can keep their feet planted and remain steady.

Removable Food Tray

Once your little one grows bigger, they’ll want to eat on the table. But they’re still a bit small to sit on an adult chair. So to solve the seat height problem, Ashtonbee designed a wooden high chair with a tray.

This removable tray will help your growing child reach the table using the high chair. You can also remove it for easy cleaning.

A Simple and Clean Design

As adult parents, we always try to match our furniture color schemes in line with our interior home design. We want some semblance of order, something simple and clean.

Ashtonbee has got you covered with a minimalistic wooden high chair design. Its two-toned wood brown and white color can blend well with any typical dining room setup. Parents and their little ones will find it soothing to look at.

Give Your Child the Good Things

A high chair is a milestone item for parents and their little children. It’s a tool that yields many benefits. It opens your child to the joy of connection while your child brings positive energy and joy across the table.

All that while your little one learns one of the most important life skills they can learn—nourishment. So go ahead and find our wooden high chair on the site or check out our collection of baby essentials.

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