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You want to get some things done while keeping your little one safe, so you get them a baby chair. But you realize it’s not enough to keep them busy for longer.

When you put your baby on a high chair, you can keep them safe and steady. It is especially useful as a dining chair during mealtime. But what do you do when they get bored and make a fuss? 

Here’s what we recommend: high chair toys! They’re designed to fit safely in baby high chairs and keep your little one having fun. Here’s a list you can start with.

10 Must-Have Toys to Include in Your Baby High Chair

What kind of toys does your baby like? Some of them might fit perfectly on a high chair! But to give you more ideas, here are the ten best toys to include in your little one’s high seat. 

They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of them even make noise! But most importantly, they contribute to your baby’s development.

baby high chair - happy baby on a white high chair with a suction cup toy

#1: Suction Cup Toys

Suction cup toys are interactive toys that involve a suction cup attached to the baby’s high chair tray. The cup keeps it in place, so your little one can play without dropping toys on the floor. 

As a result, you won’t have to clean up scattered or dropped toys and focus on your other duties. These toys also help develop your baby’s independent play, creativity, and hand and visual skills. 

#2: Activity Centers

You’re probably thinking of that activity center where your baby sits and hangs in a 360-degree rotating chair. However, there are also activity centers made specifically for high chairs! They usually involve a suction pad you can attach to the tray to keep the toys stable.

Activity centers are great for a baby high chair because they provide various activities that can help enhance your baby’s motor and cognitive skills. They can spin the dials, push the buttons, and play with beaded loops and other toys.

#3: Bead Maze

Your little one can immerse themselves in an interactive maze with colorful beads. It’s a fantastic toy for high chairs since it aids in developing the baby’s fine motor skills. 

Beads can be fiddled with to make patterns and designs, allowing your baby to exercise their creativity.

#4: Chime Toys

Let’s add some high chair toys that focus on sound. A chime toy is an ideal auditory toy for high chairs since they help develop your child’s hearing capabilities. 

They can simply shake the toy and listen to the sound it makes. That way, your baby can learn to tell different sounds apart from each other.

#5: Mess-Free Coloring Books

How about something simple and classic? Let’s get a little artistic on a convertible high chair with mess-free coloring books! This type of coloring book uses a special paper where colors reflect but don’t leave stains on clothes and skin.

As a result, not only does it develop your baby’s visual and creative skills, but you also don’t have to clean up any huge mess!

high chair baby - baby sensory play with mother

#6: Sensory Trays

Sensory trays are containers or bins filled with items a baby can see, touch, smell, and feel. The most common fillers you can put in these trays are play sand, pasta, beads, water, rice, and oats. 

As their name suggests, sensory trays help your baby explore and familiarize how to use their five senses.

#7: Dig and Scoop Box

This high chair toy can help your little one develop tactile skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s like a sensory tray, but with a deeper construction so your baby can practice scooping the materials from the box.

You can also give them scooping tools such as spoons, cups, or small shovels. Finally, we recommend using pantry items for fillers so your baby can have fun while eating their favorite snacks.

#8: Steering Wheel Toy

If your baby loves cars or anything that moves, this high chair toy is perfect! Steering wheel toys are designed to help your kid develop hand and eye coordination while including features that appeal to the five senses.

You can find buttons, lights, levers, tooting horns, engine noises, and even cute music on this toy. These components help your baby understand more about sounds and visual signals. So get your work done while your little one enjoys an imaginary road trip.

#9: Sensory Bags

Do you prefer a sealed version of sensory trays and dig-and-scoop boxes? In that case, consider adding sensory bags for your kid’s high chair play. This time, the fillers are placed in sealable plastic pouches.

Consequently, it is now safer and less messy for your curious baby. This also allows you to add a wider range of fillers, many of which can be hazardous on an open tray. These examples are glitter, water beads, pompoms, sand, and feathers.

#10: Water Mats

Splashing can be a messy high chair activity, a reason why water mats are produced. Fortunately, some water mats are perfect on a high chair for a baby, saving you from the stress and mess of water play aftermath. They’re fillable and may come in different shapes and sizes.

Your baby can grasp, hit, or hold these mats without the water spilling on the floor. It also helps them learn about cause and effect, refine their motor skills, and improve sensory play.

Get Things Done While Letting Your Baby Have Fun

Forget about choosing between supervising your baby and getting things done. You can get the best of both worlds with the right high chair toys! We’ve compiled a list of ten incredible toys to include in your little one’s toddler chair.

They will keep your little one occupied for long periods and allow you to do other things without hassle. Plus, they significantly contribute to your child’s development. Were you able to pick your favorite? 

But before collecting those toys, here’s a quick question: do you have the best baby high chair ready? If not, we recommend getting Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for babies and toddlers. It’s safe, easy to assemble, and has a removable tray for stress-free cleaning. We hope your lovely little one has loads of fun playing!

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