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At some point during your children’s growing years, you’ll have to teach them to be more independent, and they will start to do things by themselves. Teaching them independence will be useful as they experience other things. As parents, we can slowly introduce them to tasks and activities to develop their independence. But it’s natural to worry that they might sustain injuries from accidents.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to teach your child to be more independent, and we will introduce clear plastic corner guards which will keep your kids protected as they learn to do things on their own.



Start establishing daily routines. 

It’s easier for your kids to be independent when they know what they need to do, or when you have established proper routines. Therefore, it’s helpful to establish simple routines for their daily activities. For example, in the morning before school, you can let them bathe themselves, get dressed, and eat breakfast. After school activities can include doing homework and chores. Before they sleep, routines should feature changing into pajamas, brushing their teeth, and getting their things ready for the next day.

These routines may be simple, but they can instill responsibilities and open your child to do more things by themselves. It also helps eliminate stress for you as a parent, especially when tasks are piling up.

Give your kids rewards for even little tasks.

Kids will be more motivated when they receive incentives from tasks they have performed successfully. A task may seem simple to you, but it can be a tremendous effort for your kids. Incentives can be in any form. For example, you can give your child extra allowance, buy them ice cream or their favorite foods, or you can give them extra time for cartoons or video games.

Rewards will be more effective when your kids know what to expect. For example, you can create a star chart for your kids and award them stars for each task they do. You can give them corresponding awards based on the number of stars they accrue. This will encourage them to do more and achieve more. It also helps to give them a detailed task to do. Go for specific instructions like “put dirty clothes in the hamper” so that they have a guide on the things they need to accomplish.

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Give time for your kids to learn.

Some kids learn at a fast pace, while some kids take more time. Don’t get upset when kids don’t do things properly the first time. Remember that everything you teach them is new to them. Let your kids experience the tasks and allow space for mistakes. Mistakes can help your kids identify what they did wrong and what they can improve on the second time around.

Furthermore, avoid scolding them too much and micromanaging everything they do. If you oversee your kids in every way and every task they do, it can make them feel that they are always doing wrong and may cause them to lose motivation.

Additionally, don’t make it a habit to compare your kids to somebody else’s. Don’t tell your kids why other children are better and why they can perform the same. Humiliating them will demotivate them to try or learn anything at all.

Offer your toddlers choices that are acceptable to you.

Most kids are afraid to do things unless they are told to do so. Decision-making is a sign of independence, and once they grow older, there will be situations where your kids need to act out on their own. So, teach your kids that they are entitled to a choice. But since your kids are still learning, you still have to give them limitations. Instead of restricting them too much, give them choices that are all acceptable for you.

For example, you want to teach your kids to make their beds in the morning. Don’t threaten them by telling them you’ll cut back on their playtime. Instead, give them choices like “you can fix your bed later, but you won’t have time to play” or “make your bed, and you’ll get 30 more minutes of TV.” Scaring your kids will pressure them, making it harder for them to learn.

Let your kids experience real house chores. 

The best way to teach your kids skills is by showing them how to do it. Kids mimic adults’ actions, so it’s important to be a good model for them. You can involve your kids in house chores and simplify it for them. For example, you can let your kids do their dishes. Let them wash their own utensils. Let them watch how you wash plates, so they know what to do.

There are other simple household chores they can do like watering the plants, taking out the trash, and organizing and keeping their toys. These tasks will make them feel helpful around the house and encourage them to be more responsible and independent.

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Ashtonbee’s Clear Corner Guards

Now that your kids are ready to enjoy their newfound freedom, expect that they’ll be moving around the house more often with their energetic and hyper bodies. Unfortunately, kids are very prone to accidents, and no matter how vigilant parents are, some accidents are just inevitable. But some tools can help keep your toddlers safe and protected.

Let’s see what these corner guards offer to keep kids safe from the sharp edges of your house.

  • The corner guards are perfect for protecting your kids from the edges of the furniture around your house. Each pack contains 12 pieces for only $10.95 and comes with two free baby-proof cabinet locks.
  • Ashtonbee’s clear plastic corner guards have strongholds on your furniture, so even if your kids bump them and move them around, they keep their position.
  • The corner guards have maximum absorption abilities to prevent any major injuries from sharp edges. In addition, they do not damage your furniture. So, it’s a win-win situation; they’re safe for your kids and your furniture.
  • The plastic corner guards are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so even when your kid accidentally comes in contact with them, they will not trigger any harmful reactions. Furthermore, the corner guards are made of FDA-approved materials ensuring their premium quality and safety standards.

Final Thoughts

Worrying about your kids is completely normal, but independence is a key skill for their growth. Letting them do things by themselves opens up many learning opportunities. We hope this article helps you teach your kids to be more independent and helps you navigate your way through parenting.

Furthermore, Ashtonbee is here to help with your duties! We have high-quality safety equipment for your toddlers, from plastic corner guards, to bed rails, tip straps, outlet blockers, and more. Order all your baby needs from us now.

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