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Like most parents, you’re probably looking for ways to make your life a little easier. Unfortunately, changing diapers is one of those tasks that can be quite messy and inconvenient. 


A changing table pad may be the answer to your problems. Not only do they make diaper changes more sanitary, but they also provide a comfortable surface for your little one. Let’s see why you need this baby item in your parenting journey.


How Much Does a Baby Poop and Pee in a Day?

Most newborns poop up to ten times daily, usually after each feeding. They might as well live in the changing station with how often they poop. Newborn stools are typically soft, wet, and seedy. They may also be greenish due to the presence of meconium. Meconium is a sticky, black substance that all newborns excrete until they start digesting food.


After the first few days, your little one’s stools will change in appearance and become more like an adult’s stool in texture and color. By the time they’re one month old, most babies will only poop once or twice a day.


As for peeing, newborns generally wet their diapers every two to three hours. They will urinate even more frequently during rapid weight gain, such as in the first week of life. Most babies urinate six to eight times per day by six months.


So if you’re wondering if you need a changing pad, then how much your baby can poop and pee can answer this question. But if you aren’t convinced, let’s continue!


Where Can You Use a Changing Pad? 

Many people think that a changing pad is only meant for use in the nursery, but the truth is that this versatile piece of gear can be used in various settings. Here are just a few of the places where a changing pad can come in handy:

The Nursery

Of course, the nursery is the most obvious place to use a changing pad. A dedicated changing area helps keep things tidy and organized, providing a comfortable place to change your little one’s diaper. Aside from your baby’s room, your baby’s diaper changing station can be anywhere in the house, from your bedroom dresser to your kitchen counter. 

The Diaper Bag

Do you know your diaper bag can have a built-in changing pad? Absolutely! The best changing pad is portable and travel-friendly, which can be extremely convenient when you’re on the go. Whether you’re headed to the park or taking a trip to the zoo, a changing pad like this one can make diaper changes much easier.

The Car

If you have a car seat, it probably has a changing pad. But if not, these pads are great for quick diaper changes while you’re on the road. Just be sure to keep some diapers and wipes within reach to prepare you for anything.


As you can see, changing pads are useful in so many places. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the nursery regarding this essential piece of baby gear.


What Features Do You Need in a Changing Pad? 

If you have finally decided to get a changing pad, don’t just get any changing mat you find. After all, you want to ensure you have the best changing pad. But what should you look for in a baby changing pad? 

Thoughtful Design

First, your little one should be comfortable on your baby changing pad. That means it should be the right size for your baby and have three sides or contoured sides to keep your baby from rolling off. It should be slightly padded to protect your baby’s soft head. 

Waterproof Cover

As mentioned earlier, a baby’s poop and pee can be soft, wet, and colorful. So messy situations are harder to clean with a cotton changing pad. 


Can you go for disposable changing pads? Sure, but it defeats the purpose of convenience. So make sure that your pad has a waterproof cover or that it is waterproof. This is important because accidents happen, and you don’t want your changing pad to get ruined. 

Safety Belt

Lastly, you want to make sure it has a safety strap. This is important for three reasons:

  • It will keep your baby safe.
  • It will keep the changing pad from moving around while you’re using it.
  • It can be attached to car seats, strollers, and luggage. 


Are Changing Table Pads Better Than a Changing Table?

If you’re shopping for changing pads, you may be wondering if a changing table pad or a padded cover is worth the extra expense. A well-designed changing table serves its purpose, but parents still buy pads because it takes less time to set up. 


A baby changing table with a cover pad in your home can be your permanent changing station. No more having to search for diapers, wipes, and lotion when you have a diaper blow-out in the middle of the night. 


Plus, changing tables are typically higher than beds, making it easier on our backs when we’re bending over to change a diaper, especially if you’ve just had a C-section. And if you have twins or multiple young children, you can get a changing table with multiple levels to change all of your kiddos at once. Talk about efficiency! 


Nevertheless, you can go for both changing tables and pad covers if you have the luxury to buy both for your little one. But if not, having a changing pad and a flat surface is all you need for a diaper change. 


Ashtonbee’s Diaper Changing Pad and Travel Bag is the One 

There are a lot of diaper changing pads on the market, but the Ashtonbee Diaper Changing Pad Travel Bag is the one to beat. 


It’s a changing pad that turns into a travel diaper bag. The changing pad is generously sized, so you’ll have plenty of room to change your little one’s diaper. It’s also made from a waterproof material, so you don’t have to worry about wiping tough stains. Simply wipe it with water and mild soap.


Since it’s a portable changing pad bag, it’s big enough to hold all of your essentials and has a strap that makes it easy to carry. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality diaper changing pad and travel bag, Ashtonbee is the way to go.


Final Thoughts

So, are changing table pads necessary baby products? The answer is a resounding yes! 


Not only do they provide a safe place for your child to change their diaper, but they also keep your home clean. Of course, you can add a changing table or a padded cover, but you’ll be covered with Ashtonbee’s diaper-changing travel bag. 

If you’re in the market for a quality changing pad, we recommend checking out Ashtonbee’s Diaper Changing Pad and Travel Bag—it’s our pick for the best on the market. Get your 2-in-1 changing pad travel bag now!

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