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Your little girl is coming out soon, and you’re planning a baby shower to celebrate and welcome her. With so many creative themes and baby shower ideas on the web, you can’t decide what inspiration to choose to make the celebration memorable and meaningful.

Despite the many choices, ensure that it’s your style and personality that shine. From beautiful table settings to customized invitations, every detail counts in making this event a special one. Let’s help you get this done and dive into baby shower ideas for girls that will help make this event unforgettable and fun! 

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

If you are planning a baby shower for your soon-to-be baby girl, choosing the perfect baby shower ideas for a girl can make the whole event extra special. If you are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place. Check our suggestions below.


Step into a magical world with a unicorn-themed baby shower. Decorate your space with pastel colors, glitter, and stars. Use unicorn figurines and plush toys to dress up the tables and serve unicorn-inspired treats for that touch of enchantment.


Give your baby girl a royal welcome with a princess theme. Soft pink and gold decorations make your baby shower look elegant and charming. Don’t forget crown-shaped party favors and princess-themed cakes to delight your guests.


Dive into a mystical, under-the-sea baby shower with a mermaid theme. For a serene and oceanic feel, incorporate the shades of the sea, not forgetting the blue, purple, and green. Hints of seashells and starfish decorations can bring the theme to life.


A floral baby shower theme is a lovely idea for an elegant and sophisticated event. Surround your space with fresh flowers that resemble your favorite color palette, and incorporate petals and leaf motifs into the décor.


For a rustic feel, host a woodland-themed baby shower. Cute animal images, wooden accents, and forest-inspired decorations will create a cozy ambiance. Fairy lights as a design can surely give the party a whimsical touch.


Ahoy, matey! Sail into the world of pink with a nautical-themed shower. Choose navy blue and pink colors to combine the maritime vibe with a feminine twist. Use boat, anchor decorations, and striped patterns for a fun theme.

Boho Chic

Embrace the free-spirited side with a Boho Chic baby shower. Think dream catchers, floral wreaths, and soft, earthy color tones. Add in some pampas grass, macramé decorations, and tribal patterns to pull the theme together.


Bring the charm of the French capital to your baby shower by choosing a Paris theme. Use delicate pastries, elegant Eiffel Tower accents, and sophisticated color schemes such as black, white, and soft pink to create the perfect ambiance.

balloons, cakes, cupcakes, and decorations for a baby shower

Cute, Colorful, and Tiny Bugs

Celebrate your baby girl with a cute and playful cute bugs theme. Use red and black polka dots and add cute ladybug decorations to give the room a whimsical feel. Keep your baby shower buzzing with excitement by adding some bees. Combine bright yellow and black patterns with honeycomb decorations and bee-shaped sweets on the dessert table.


Send your guests on a wild adventure with a safari-themed baby shower. Use animal print decorations and safari-inspired elements such as plush toys and plants to create a fun and lively atmosphere.


A garden-themed baby shower is a sweet and fresh idea. Surround your venue with greenery and blooming flowers, and use natural materials like wood and stone for table settings and decorations.

Adding butterfly details can be both delicate and colorful. Use butterflies as decorations to adorn the walls or table settings and choose a soft color palette to evoke the feeling of a beautiful garden.


If you want to emanate serenity, lightness, and purity, consider an angel theme. Use soft colors and delicate, ethereal decorations, such as feathers or angels, to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.


Celebrate the beauty of the season with a fall-themed baby shower. Choose warm color tones like oranges, reds, and yellows, along with natural elements like pumpkins and pinecones for decorations.

Get the Decorations and Tableware Ready

Choosing the right decorations and tableware is essential for setting the stage for this special event. With a variety of baby shower themes for girls we mentioned above, you can create a unique and memorable baby shower that welcomes your new baby girl with adoration and excitement. 

First-time parents or not, here’s a list of the things needed for a baby shower!


Banners are a must-have at any baby shower. They are what your guests see first and can set the vibe of the place. Choose a design that compliments your baby girl’s theme, such as princess, floral, or adorable animal motifs.

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers can add that extra touch of charm to your baby shower cake. There are countless options for adorable girl baby shower cake toppers, from cute elephants and unicorns to sweet baby shoes or glittering messages like “It’s a Girl” or “Welcome Baby.”


Centerpieces help tie together your baby shower theme and create a focal point on your tables. Choose ones that match your girl’s baby shower decorations, like floral arrangements, diaper cakes, or cute stuffed animals. A well-designed centerpiece adds elegance and visual interest to your space.


Add a touch of sparkle to your baby shower with confetti. Scatter it across your tables or include it in your invitations. You can find confetti in various shapes and colors, like soft pink hearts, gold stars, or themed shapes that enhance your baby shower atmosphere. Choose confetti that coordinates with your girl’s baby shower theme, whether it be a princess or mermaid theme.


It is easy to forget about the little details, but for a special occasion like a baby shower, you can incorporate the theme even in party cups. Choose disposable cups that fit your theme’s color palette or have printed designs, like fun patterns, pink stripes, or cute character illustrations.

themed food including marshmallows on stick and candies for a baby shower for girls


No party is complete without themed napkins! Your guests will appreciate coordinating napkins that tie in with your baby shower theme, whether it’s a bright pink floral pattern or soft pastel animals. Napkins, while functional, also add charm to your table settings during the event.


Themed plates make serving food and snacks a fabulous experience for guests. Choose plates with prints that tie into your girl’s baby shower theme, or opt for solid-colored plates that match your chosen color scheme. Your guests will enjoy eating their treats with these adorable and festive plates.


Streamers add a whimsical and festive touch to your baby shower decorations. Pick streamers that match your theme’s colors, or choose ones that have cute designs like metallic foil or polka dot patterns. Hang them from the ceiling, drape them along walls, or twist them around railings to create eye-catching displays that delight your guests.


Tulle is a versatile decoration that adds elegance and color to your baby shower. Use it to drape over your chairs, create bows around centerpieces, or add a soft touch to your dessert table. The light, airy fabric can beautifully complement your girl’s baby shower theme, adding grace and charm to the atmosphere.

Embrace your chosen baby shower theme when selecting your decorations and tableware to make the celebration truly shine. Creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and celebrating your baby girl’s arrival will make this event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Baby Shower Themes and Baby Girl Supplies from Ashtonbee

A baby shower is an exciting experience that requires careful planning and execution. From unicorn and princess-themed decorations to bee and safari-themed tableware, every detail counts to make this event a special one. Pay attention to the design and consider adding personal touches to create an unforgettable experience that celebrates your baby girl.

If you need more ideas, feel free to hover and read through our blogs to find more helpful articles. When your baby finally comes out, we here at Ashtonbee would be happiest if you get your baby supplies from us. If you are collecting your baby’s needs early, check our offers and get yours now!

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