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Baby Foam Play Mat with Fence

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR BABY’S HEALTH – The play mat is non-toxic, ultra-cushioned, and free from phthalates, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde. The foam baby mat is also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic which is good for your baby. Aside from that, the entire mat does not have any small pieces so you do not have to worry about choking hazards.
  • PROTECT YOUR KIDS WHILE PLAYING ON THE FLOOR – Ashtonbee’s kids play mat is soft and is the perfect solution for parents who want to let their babies crawl, lay, or play on the floor safely. With a thickness of 0.56”, you know that your little ones are protected from slipping or falling whenever they try to crawl or stand during tummy time.
  • ENJOY AN EXTRA LARGE AREA FOR KIDS – Your kids will certainly enjoy a bigger-sized play area with a 72″ x 72″ (6ft x 6ft fence up area) and a fence height of 7″. Components: 36 foam floor tiles + 24 tiles for the fence + 2 tiles for the gate. Please note that the fence is only to keep your baby’s toys from rolling here and there; it’s not meant to stop a moving child. You can also put the fence down for an even bigger mat.
  • HELP YOUR KIDS LEARN THE ALPHABET AND NUMBERS – The baby care play mat has 36 foam floor tiles with each one representing a letter in the alphabet as well as each number from 0 to 9. This is a fun way to teach your kids the basics, plus the bright colors will surely be a hit for them. Aside from that, the designs and patterns of the baby mat will help foster your kids’ imagination and cognitive abilities.
  • COVERED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – When you order from us, you’re in good hands with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee and Top-Rated customer service. Ashtonbee is a brand that’s committed to your success!


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Parents all love a product that doesn’t take so much time to clean. Our mat for kids is a perfect fit! Since its surface is waterproof, you can just wipe off the dirt, food residue, or milk stains using a wet damp cloth.


Nothing ever delights your baby other than fun and eye-catching designs as well as bright colors. The designs are pretty simple but they’re also educational to help stimulate your kids’ imagination and creativity.


When kids play, their toys are everywhere which makes the space messy. It’s also an additional chore for you to keep picking up the toys that rolled out of the play mat. The fence, for the most part, allows the toys to be in place just near your baby. However, it’s not meant to stop a moving child from knocking it down.


No need to worry about a cramped space because Ashtonbee’s playmat provides a large play area for your kids. The surface is soft and thick so you are sure that your baby is protected from falling and slipping. It’s also very customizable because the tiles are interlocking. If you have a limited space, you can remove some tiles and if you have a bigger space, you can put the fence down.


Still thinking for the perfect gift to your parent friends? Look no further – Ashtonbee’s baby playmat is a unique and thoughtful present that will surely delight your family, friends, and loved ones. It’s a fun gift for any occasion!


The baby floor mat has a large enough space yet it’s also very convenient because the tiles are interlocking so you can just remove each tile and stack them on top of each other when not in use.


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