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Ashtonbee Baby Toothbrush Oral Massager, 2-Pack

  • MAINTAIN YOUR BABY’S ORAL HYGIENE – Even babies need oral hygiene too. They might be strictly taking milk only during the first stages of their feeding, but it’s still important to keep their mouth and gums clean. Ashtonbee’s baby toothbrush oral massager helps with oral hygiene without hurting or damaging your baby’s gums.
  • DESIGNED WITH FUNCTION IN MIND – The baby toothbrush has a double-sided design. One side has the soft brush feature while the other side has delicate massage bumps. Aside from massaging your baby’s gums, you can also use the brush when your baby experiences teething discomfort.
  • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO PARENTS – It’s very easy to clean and store. They’re small enough to fit your baby bag when you are traveling or when you are going out of town. Since you will receive two brushes, it’s more convenient because you always have extra on hand. Each brush also has its own storage case.
  • KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE FROM TOXINS – You don’t have to worry because Ashtonbee’s toothbrush is safe for your baby. It’s made from premium quality food-grade silicone and is free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, PVC, latex, lead or other toxins. The material is soft silicone so it doesn’t damage your baby’s gums.
  • COVERED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – We here at Ashtonbee value you and your baby’s comfort and convenience, so we want to assure you that you’re in good hands. Your business with us comes with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money-Back Guarantee, and Top-Rated Customer Service.


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Ashtonbee’s baby toothbrush helps maintain your baby’s oral hygiene without hurting or damaging the gums or mouth. It’s made from soft silicone that also soothes baby’s pain and discomfort during teething.The toothbrush is multi-functional because it doesn’t only serve as a toothbrush, it can also be a gum massager, and a teething toy at the same time. You can see it from its double-sided design. It’s also perfect when you are traveling or going out because it’s small enough and the two brushes each come with a storage case. When cleaning, you can just boil to sterilize or wash with very hot water.


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