Ashtonbess's Community Brand Guidelines

Ashtonbee’s Community is an open platform, and anyone who wants to can sign up, make an account, and post awesome things that people will want to share. If you make something really great that everyone loves, your post may be featured on the Community Page, or even the front page of our site! You also have a chance to be compensated for your quality work! If you make or comment something unpleasant that’s deliberately designed to antagonize people, or something that is full of false and misleading information, there’s a strong chance that your post will be deleted. Ashtonbee reserves the right to delete any post for any reason without warning (read our full user agreement here).

To get a sense of what kind of things will do well in Ashtonbee’s Community, Ashtonbee has one (1) Guideline that we really must insist upon. There are a whole lot of different ways to describe this guideline, but the simplest and most direct (and politest) is probably just this one.

Before you begin to think “It’s my opinion though “ – here’s what we mean.

Haters doesn’t mean “no critics” – there’s nothing wrong with being critical of something. We need to be critical when it’s the right thing to do, when it’s interesting, when it adds to the story, and when we have something worthwhile to say. But we can do that with grace and understanding, and we can certainly do it without snark and vitriol.

Trolling is that thing when users post something to incite a behaviour that is meant to intentionally anger or frustrate someone else. Not to be confused with cyberbullying, a form of online harassment carried out against an individual in a deliberately hostile manner. It can be fine when it’s gentle and funny, but it’s usually not, so don’t. You can always tell when someone is a troll, because they’re that outraged person in your twitter feed or that person who keeps responding in an evasive manner with no direct action in a response.

Remember as a kid you’re taught that you shouldn’t give a reaction to a bully and the best case scenario is to just ignore them. The same thing can be applied when feed ing a troll. If you feed the trolls you’re giving them the attention they want. If you don’t feed the trolls, they get bummed out and leave.

Don’t attack people or groups. Attacking someone is a great way to start something that you shouldn’t have started, so don’t. Be respectful and understand where user perspective comes from (locally, culturally and geographically). However, as a precautionary, our community managers are carefully reading what articles are published and will remove content if it breaches any form of child rights detailing from the universal declaration of human rights.

Nobody likes spam or aggressive self-promotion, and we can’t have it here.

Our site has zero tolerance with this topic and any article that is posted relating to porn will lead to an immediate ban. This is a site about parenting and everyday topics that parents alike could use.

Where’s the fun and sense of accomplishment in copying someones work. Fire up your creative juices and share something worthwhile for other parents who may need insight on that topic. Always credit your sources too, and when you can, make it new.

You’re not Beyonce (we all wish we were), but you just can’t. Be you and channel your own diva.

Really? You’re going to do it here. A site where parents alike just want advice on how to raise their child. Stop.

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