Depending on your culture, and country of origin, baby showers are celebrated to either welcome a woman into motherhood, or to celebrate an expected delivery, or birth of a baby. But for whatever reason you wish to celebrate your baby shower, here are the steps to organizing a successful baby shower!

Here we go:

STEP 1. Who’s Planning? Who’s Hosting?

Decide on who’s taking charge of organizing the party itself. Is it going to be done by the mom-to-be? By a friend? Her mom? Her sister? In any case, someone has to take charge to ensure all the bases are covered, and all the tasks are properly delegated (if/when necessary).

STEP 2. Money Talks

Set a budget, and determine the financier. You wouldn’t want to break the bank throwing any kind of party. It’s not the grandiosity, or the simplicity that determines the success of any event – it’s the reaction from the guests, the happiness and fulfillment you feel, and just the overall atmosphere that it evokes.

STEP 3. Location, location

Have it in the comfort of your own home, in a hotel, a restaurant/cafe, or your neighborhood recreation center – the options are endless. But if you’re really the outdoors-y type, you can have it in your backyard, or a park. To make it weather-proof, you can rent out a tent just to be sure. You should, of course, always check the weather forecast for the day your eyeing.

STEP 4. Timing is Key

Set a time & date that would be most convenient for most, if not all, your guests.

STEP 5. The Lucky Ones

Determine the number of guests you’d want to have at your baby shower, and create a list.Send out your invitations, and ask them to RSVP, so you have an estimate, and can move forward with planning for your baby shower.


STEP 6: Theme & Entertainment

Decide on the theme that best captures yourself, or the mom-to-be. This just makes it a whole lot easier to determine all the other elements of the event, such as the food, decor, party favors, among others.


STEP 7. 4 letter word that starts with ‘F’ that you can’t live without

FOOD. Yup, food. Was that not obvious enough?

Check out some quick & easy baby shower-appropriate recipes below:


STEP 8. Cake boss

The cake is the easiest piece to unite with your theme, and it’s also extremely customizable. Below are some cake ideas that could go with the themes we showed you earlier.


STE 9. Just checking in

Follow up on your RSVPs, and remind them of the details of the event.

STEP 10. Goodies to-go

Here’s a short list of baby shower giveaway ideas:

1. Scented candles (you can place them in baby jars)
2. Succulents (“watch me grow”)
3. Handmade soap
4. Gourmet Popcorn
5. Polka Dot Onesie Cookies
6. Photo booth pictures

Just think of a common denominator among your guests, and tie it in with the theme. It’s best to keep in mind practicality over your giveaways just looking “cute”.

When we receive gifts, we appreciate them more when they are actually useful to us (although the thought behind it counts too, of course, but you get what I mean).


STEP 11. D-day!

Enjoy it! Cherish it! You got this!